There are just a handful of Amish in the Old Dominion state–or should I say “commonwealth”, a formal label VA shares with just 3 others–Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Kentucky.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may remember two posts I did after visiting a pair of small Virginia Amish settlements in February.

amish in virginiaWell, the Amish State Guide entry for Virginia Amish is now available.  One interesting thing for me was learning of a quite coastal settlement which once existed in Princess Anne County.

The Amish in this community apparently made frequent trips to the ocean thanks to a convenient train connection.  But the Princess Anne County Amish are long gone, and the area where the community existed would now be quite urbanized due to the growth of Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

For whatever reason, Virginia has just never seen a lot of Amish settlement (bordering Kentucky, in contrast, has been overrun by Amish, with close to three dozen communities, and of course Pennsylvania is brimming with Plain folks).

Curious to hear from Virginia natives or anyone who’s paid these communities a visit–or, for that matter, anyone with an opinion–why aren’t there more Amish in VA?


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