Eastside Harness & Tack Shop (Topeka, IN)

Eastside Enterprises Harness and Tack Shop
701 E Lake St.
Topeka, Indiana, 46571

Inside an Amish Harness Shop

While in the northern Indiana Amish community this summer, I paid a visit to the Eastside Harness and Tack Shop.

Eastside is located in bustling little Topeka, a few blocks down from the center of town.  Harley of Eastside was kind enough to show me around the place.

eastside amish harness topeka indiana

Right off the bat I was impressed.  This miniature horse was extremely well-trained.  It barely moved a centimeter while posing for these shots.

plastic horse amish harness

More of Eastside’s product line:

amish harness display

Harness and tack shops are common businesses among Amish.  It’s not just horse-and-buggy folk who shop these places; they often have a hefty non-Amish clientele.

horse harness tack amish

In the workshop area:

amish harness workshop

Proper harness can affect a horse’s health and comfort.  Eastside, like most Amish harness shops, carries a variety of products to help keep horses happy on the road.

harness shop products

You’ve noticed the lights and fans by now.  From whence comes the juice to run this place?  Here is a generator used by the shop:

diesel generator amish

If you’d like to drop by Eastside sometime, here’s where you find ’em:

Eastside Enterprises Harness and Tack Shop
701 E Lake St.
Topeka, Indiana, 46571

And, if you haven’t already, you can also look inside an Amish stamp shop and an Amish book store.

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    1. Oh man, I have some pics that look a lot like this from a harness shop in Daviess County, IN!! If I can figure out how to send them to you, I will. Have a great week, Erik ~

      1. Sounds great Beth. Always enjoy hearing anything from Daviess Co. You may have the email already–ewesner (at) gmail.com.

    2. Sharon R

      Harness Shops

      OH How Cool!!
      Thanks for sharing this small piece of Indiana! I bet these items are very well made, as well!! Yes, when I spotted the FAN, I was thinking there must be a generator someplace!! 🙂

    3. The smell of a tack shop is something special! I noticed the supplements and the various bottles and such of treatments. We shepherds sometimes make use of the more common horse treatments for other four footed animals.

    4. Amish energy and Sunday

      Hi Erik,
      Interesting post and great photos, as always.
      Some Amish folks are using solar panels to charge batteries, then they hook up an inverter and run sewing machines and even fax machines off of them.
      I know the Amish take the day of rest very seriously so I wonder if the Amish cook on Sundays?

      1. Rudy

        Harness shop

        They have some of the best meals u will ever taste

      2. Sundays is usually a leftovers day, or day to eat something prepared in advance. You wouldn’t get down to a whole lot of baking or cooking that day.

      3. Lee Ann

        No the Amish do not cook on Sunday. They cook everything on Sat. and just eat like sandwiches and salads on Sunday. Sometimes cold chicken.

    5. @Rudy – Uhhhh, what???

    6. Alice Mary

      Sniff! What's that smell?

      Too bad these emails can’t be “scratch and sniff”. Is the smell of an Amish tack shop anything like that of an old fashioned cobbler/shoe repair shop? THAT I’m familiar with!

    7. Lois Morgan

      Harness Shop

      Say, while thinking about various forms of transportation including the horse. I wondered whether or not the Amish can ride on trains?

      1. Yes they can Lois. This is one of my favorite posts on that topic: https://amishamerica.com/amishtrak/

    8. Shawn

      Harness Shop

      This looks more modern than my friend in New Wilmington’s Harness Shop. Theirs is in a barn. But it still has lots of bridles and stuff.

    9. Jon Rahaley

      Price list ??

      Is there any chance of you supplying a price list for harness sets, ranging from full to heavy. I reside in Australia and am looking for to purchase a number of harness sets. Thanking you in anticipation, Jon

      1. Eastside harness prices

        Jon, probably not so convenient for you in Australia but your best bet is to either write them or ring them. The address is above.

        I don’t know what the phone situation at Eastside is (some Amish businesses have particular times for calling), but the number, which I found online, is: (260) 593-2646. Happy hunting.

        1. Jon


          Erik,Thanks for your time.Regards, Jon

    10. Allison Young


      This is NOT the correct address. PLEASE CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY.

      1. Allison Young, before we can address your demand, would be helpful to have the correct address and/or a bit more explanation.

        Google seems to be showing this as the correct address:https://www.google.com/search?ei=s4ABXZf3EZKf_Qa5g6aADA&q=Eastside+Enterprises+Harness+and+Tack+Shop+701+E+Lake+St.+Topeka%2C+Indiana%2C+46571&oq=Eastside+Enterprises+Harness+and+Tack+Shop+701+E+Lake+St.+Topeka%2C+Indiana%2C+46571&gs_l=psy-ab.12…21277.21277..22457…0.0..0.0.0…….0….1..gws-wiz.4LcGMXNhraE

    11. Janis Dietrich

      Pony cart harness

      Mike Wheat of Charlevoix, Michigan recommended that I contact you for a harness for my 12 hand pony. Please send me a price list and information about what measurements you would need. Thanks. Janis