Eastside Enterprises Harness and Tack Shop
701 E Lake St.
Topeka, Indiana, 46571

Inside an Amish Harness Shop

While in the northern Indiana Amish community this summer, I paid a visit to the Eastside Harness and Tack Shop.

Eastside is located in bustling little Topeka, a few blocks down from the center of town.  Harley of Eastside was kind enough to show me around the place.

eastside amish harness topeka indiana

Right off the bat I was impressed.  This miniature horse was extremely well-trained.  It barely moved a centimeter while posing for these shots.

plastic horse amish harness

More of Eastside’s product line:

amish harness display

Harness and tack shops are common businesses among Amish.  It’s not just horse-and-buggy folk who shop these places; they often have a hefty non-Amish clientele.

horse harness tack amish

In the workshop area:

amish harness workshop

Proper harness can affect a horse’s health and comfort.  Eastside, like most Amish harness shops, carries a variety of products to help keep horses happy on the road.

harness shop products

You’ve noticed the lights and fans by now.  From whence comes the juice to run this place?  Here is a generator used by the shop:

diesel generator amish

If you’d like to drop by Eastside sometime, here’s where you find ’em:

Eastside Enterprises Harness and Tack Shop
701 E Lake St.
Topeka, Indiana, 46571

And, if you haven’t already, you can also look inside an Amish stamp shop and an Amish book store.


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