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PA Amish-made baskets

PA Amish BasketsAmish in Pennsylvania specialize in many types of handcrafted goods including basket making. Their products often can be found at small country gift shops, Amish markets or roadside stands, and are often crafted by families working together. Basket are made for different uses–for the house, garden, kitchen, as home decor or food carriers.

Pennsylvania Amish Basket Shops

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Harrisburg area

My Amish Goods
PO Box 628,
Elizabethville, PA 17023
Vast array of baskets including small waste, apple basket, bun, snowflake shaped baskets, lunch, bread, cookie, sewing, berry, casserole baskets, woven market basket or hand-woven bags available. Each of their products is Amish made. Online outlet only.

3169 Point Township Drive
Northumberland, PA 17857
Edelholz is located at The Shops of the Point Barn and features Amish-made furniture and crafts, stools, bread boxes, chairs, kitchen essentials or the picnic basket with tray which can be used for a bride’s favorite pie or cake. Each piece is handcrafted by Amish from Pennsylvania.

Lancaster area

15 W. Queen Street
Stevens, Pa 17578
(717) 286-4041
This is an online store, selling a broad selection of handicrafts, furniture, home decor items, made from quality materials by Pennsylvania Amish craftspeople. Their selection of baskets covers a range of designs such as bushel baskets, bun, purse, collapsible solid oak handcrafted baskets, gathering, heart-shaped, laundry, muffing, tissue or woven reed baskets. Amish-made baskets come in a variety of colors and colored bands.

Hoffman House
Post Office Box 347
Intercourse, PA 17534
Hoffman House carries a broad choice of baskets for different uses such as the bread basket, business card holder, candy, doll, harvest baskets, kitchen swivel basket, large knitting, apple baskets, large step baskets, round double pie carrier, small stair step basket and many more, available in natural colors with burgundy, hunter green, or navy accents.  Each is Amish-woven.

Amish Pleasures
P.O Box 115
Lyndell, PA 19357
Amish Pleasures provides an online store harboring a big selection of products such as outdoor and home yard furniture, wagons, scooters, toys, and home decor accessories. Their hand-made baskets collection spans a variety styles of wooden collapsible baskets handcrafted from one piece of wood, cut in a special way to allow expansion into a free standing basket or to collapse into a flat decorative countertop. Some of the designs include the heart shape or the apple shape baskets, bread, teapot, or the rooster baskets.

York area

The Flower Patch at The Markets at Shrewsbury
12025 Susquehanna Trail York
Glen Rock, PA 17327
An extensive choice of hand-crafted traditional Amish baskets available in a big selection of styles including muffin basket, star basket, bread, wagon, lunch, picnic baskets, cookie, mail or step baskets. Amish made products.

Note to PA residents: Please double-check business hours of Amish baskets dealers listed here. Business locations and availability can change. Amish-owned businesses will always be closed on Sundays; non-Amish quilt dealers may be open. Not responsible for changes to the above information.

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