Amish Baby Loses Life After Driver Attempts To Pass, Hits Buggy

A 38-year-old woman attempted to pass an Amish buggy in the Seymour, Missouri Amish community, leading to a collision Tuesday. From KY3:

“All three people in the buggy were ejected,” McClure said.

Two of the people ejected were Barbara, and Sammy Schwartz, their baby was also ejected from the buggy.

“The child was transported from the scene to an area hospital in Springfield where the child was pronounced deceased at that time.”

Investigators say the parents have moderate injuries. Sgt. McClure said Young has not been charged. MSHP is investigating this incident.

According to Sgt. McClure, there is no rule the Amish community has to follow when it comes to having safety devices in buggies.

Amish don’t usually use child safety seats in buggies, though there are some examples of that here. I’m not sure how much it would have done to prevent this tragedy. But maybe it is something more Amish should consider as a precaution for their youngest ones. This is what one setup looks like. The seats appear to be secured here by bungee cords:

Child safety seats in the Elkhart-LaGrange County, Indiana community. Image: Jim Halverson


Mary Balboa, a local who owns a Mexican restaurant called El Patron, said she has lived in Seymour her whole life, and there have always been issues with cars running into buggies.

“There are signs out in the roads that there are buggies and to watch out, share the road with them,” Balboa said. “At the end of the day, they are human beings, they are people, and we should share the road with them,” she said.

I don’t know what else to add here except, Mary is right.

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    1. Central Virginian

      Bungee Cords

      The child car seats in the photo look to be for convenience rather than safety. Might help a bit, but they are designed to be used in conjunction with the way auto frames and exterior panels are engineered to absorb impacts. Child seats work when they are secured very tightly to the car, which bungee cords don’t provide.

      1. Yes I do wonder if the bungee cord attachment might actually increase danger in the event of a collision by altering trajectory. Horrible thing to think about, but fwiw.

    2. Nadine

      Amish Horse Care and Puppy Mills

      The Amish have such a gentle way of living; I admire their furniture, their handmade products, and their simple lifestyle.

      The Amish are gentle people. Why do they sell their horses in auctions that turn around to sell the horses to slaughter?
      I watch the news about horse auctions and I see the horses that are live shipped to Canada and Mexico. Some horses and ponies are family pets that get sold for their meat.

      Many of the horses are injured, sick, and underweight.

      The Amish also have a puppy mill industry; raising puppies in unhealthy living conditions while we have an over abundance in the animal shelters is doing harm to the shelters and the puppy mill industry.

      My concern is for humane treatment of the horses that should be humanely euthanized when they are no longer of service to the farm.

      Prayers for the Amish and the animals.