Investigators Closer To Answers In Deadly PA Hit & Run?

The family of a 23-year-old Pennsylvania Amish man killed in an April hit-and-run may be closer to finding answers in a case described as having a “number of strange twists”. From WJAC:

CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WJAC) — It’s been nearly three and half months since an Amish man was killed in a hit-and-run crash on a rural, Centre County road.

In an investigation that already has number of strange twists, investigators continue to focus on the cell phone used by the driver who reportedly hit the victim.

In this new search warrant in the death of John King — filed last week by state police — investigators are seeking phone usage information from AT&T.

Police also question the credibility of the phone’s owner — the suspected driver who hit King and left the scene along Route 45 outside of Millheim the night of April 17.

King was on a manually powered scooter when he was hit.

Four days later police get a call linking the suspected driver from State College to the crash.

He tells police, he was traveling alone after fishing nearby, thought he hit a deer, and kept going because he was worried about getting a flat tire.

He also said he made one phone call after the crash, went home, watched Netflix and went to bed.

In the new search warrant, police say the driver’s vehicle, a Honda Pilot, did have some deer hair in a headlight, but none in the grille or undercarriage.

The driver says it may have gotten there when he was cleaning out his garage with a blower.

Police said it looked like part of the vehicle’s exterior was wiped clean.

They said paint from a scooter was also found underneath the vehicle and they also had questions about a tree branch and dirt found on the vehicle.

That doesn’t look good for the driver in question. There are some other inconsistencies between the man’s story and evidence uncovered. Investigators found that not one, but at least six calls were placed following the incident. This report is from shortly after it happened in April:

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    1. Geo

      Phone tracking

      Our phones,(which fully functioning members of modern society can’t avoid)have made real the “big brother” depicted in the novel “1984”. The government is always with us. When government’s ability to track a phone brings a wrongdoer to justice, it’s hard to criticize it. The possibility to track anyone anywhere anytime is a mixed blessing.