Dan McCarthy at the Great Leadership blog has kindly featured a guest post of mine, in which I discuss an important lesson of Amish business, taking my key from a visit to an Amish carriage shop.  Here’s the beginning;  follow the link to read the rest:

I recently gave the teenage son of an Amish friend a lift.  Amish don’t drive of course, but generally have no problem accepting rides.

We had a big day planned: first stop was a carriage shop in the heart of the Lancaster County settlement, where “Elam” as we’ll call him, would order a new buggy. A younger brother was turning 16, which meant he’d inherit Elam’s vehicle, clearing the way for Elam to get a new one (the tab for a new buggy, in case you were wondering? Around $7-8000 or more, depending on the features—and there are more than you might think)…

Continue on to Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership blog for the rest of this post.

Amish Cheese

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