Visiting Amish Stores In Buchanan County, Iowa (17 Photos)

Following our look at the Buchanan County, Iowa Amish business map, reader Denise Joyal shares her own visit to the community, including photos and more info on some of the stores there. On the map are listed nearly 50 businesses. Denise informs us below that the map doesn’t quite have all the shops there.

Hazleton, Iowa Amish business map
Map image:

I liked Denise’s photos of the business cards, and two signs in particular. She includes some nice shots of some friendly animals she met on her visit. This community, as reader Sara McInerny pointed out, is not as conservative as it once was:

Lots of changes have taken place among the Amish of Buchanan County, Iowa. Pneumatic tools, corn pickers and chain saws are now permitted. Running water, flush toilets and baths tubs are now inside the homes. Buggy’s have windshields and blackbox phones are allowed on the property of home owners. Bicycles still are not permitted here. Local stores are now allowed cooling units and battery lighting.

Sara also adds on the interesting schooling situation here:

The seven local public schools that the Amish attend in the Jesup and Wapsie Valley School Districts do have certified teachers and follow the state curriculum with the exception of a few topics that violate religious beliefs i.e.computers.

Thanks to Denise; the rest of the text below is from her. If you’d like to share your own visit to an Amish community with the site, drop me an email at ewesner[at]gmail[dot]com.

The map is not completely up to date. There is a very nice discount store called 150 Discount Store and the folks there are very friendly. Very well organized merchandise and clean. Business card shown.

At Long Lane B&C one will find a variety of wares, many antiques, from old crocks to lanterns and garden tools. Quite a variety and in the summer, some are displayed outside. Several years ago my son and I stopped there and a young Amish boy about his age had a pony with just a halter and a rope around it’s middle to hang on to when riding. He asked my son if he’d like to have a pony ride. It would be just a dollar. My son declined his offer.

The two pictures taken at Pine Grove Store regarding parking and the speed limit speak for themselves.

The Harness Shop has some leather men’s wallets and some belts worth taking a look, and Helmuth’s Saddle Shop & Shoe Repair has all kinds of saddles, and riding accessories. They both do custom leather work and we have had them repair a couple of my husband’s tree climbing “saddles”.

Plainview Country Store.

Yoder’s Discount Grocery.

Yummy treats here at Maple Grove Bakery! Pie and donuts.

Not sure where this horse was waiting; somewhere along Amish Blvd.

Picked up a few items at Helmuth’s. The price is right!

A pony grazing by the side of the road.
This friendly cat was a greeter at Detweiler’s.
Pony and cart waiting.
A tired greeter.

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