10 Favorite Photos From My Last Visit To Lancaster County

I was going through some photos today from my June visit to Lancaster County. There are some nice odds and ends here I’d like to share with you.

I don’t really have a theme for these, other than “photos I liked”. So without further ado…

1. Beware of Nuts – This warning sign hangs by the lane going up to a home where I attended church service.

Never believe the stereotype of the Amish as dour, humorless people…it’s often quite the opposite. More evidence of that below…

2. Sil-optical Illusion – I took this photo as my brother was driving. Not sure how I got the silos to bend like that.

Probably has something to do with the shutter speed on my camera. I was using my phone, and it’s not got a pro-level camera on it. Dreamy.

3. Writer’s Block – Here I am on some kind of hybrid Plain word processor at an Amish friend’s home. What am I up to, typing up a blog post?

The screen doesn’t seem to be working right now, maybe need to fire up the generator…

4. Soaring Laundry – I never get tired of scenes of Amish laundry. Especially on windswept sunny days like this one.

I like the way that Amish families hang their laundry, with a line attached to a fixed point high above the ground.

It gives the impression that the trousers, shirts and dresses are taking off, soaring into the sky.

5. Bee Careful – My brother and another friend walking on the friend’s farm. I like how the random bee appeared in this shot.

I wasn’t trying to catch him in the frame. Looks airplane-sized. Watch out guys.

6. Sky So Blue – A view of a neighboring farm. It was one of those rich blue sky days.

7. Onboard Entertainment? – Three children in the back of a buggy, near the town of Intercourse. Little sister is just out of view.

The boys appeared a bit glum, or bored. How to keep yourself entertained on long buggy rides?

I can remember some things we used to do on long car rides, in a time before smartphones entered the picture.

8. Strawberrys – Like most handmade Amish business signs, I like this sign for its simplicity and homey look. And in this case its misspelling.

A hooved friend eating lunch just makes the scene.

9. Sunday Pigskin – Some Amish boys tossing the football around after church.

10. The Way to Happiness – If you can manage all of these all the time, I commend you.

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    1. Leslie Harris

      Lovely pictures

      Beautiful pictures capturing the Amish in their everyday lives. The photographer is quite talented as well. ☺

      1. Glad you liked the photos, Leslie. I try to take the best shots I can, but usually rely on a “quantity” approach – the more photos you take, the better the chances you’ll have some decent ones 🙂

    2. Loretta Shumpert

      Love them all

      Love them all, Erik, thank you.
      Always brings sweet thoughts of my favorite place, Lancaster County.

      I follow you daily though respond just occasionally.
      Thanks for the quality work you do.

      1. Thanks, Loretta. I know you’ve been following the site for a good while now. I appreciate it!

    3. Kevin Lindsey

      Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I particularly liked the bent silos and the humor in writers block.

      1. Thanks Kevin, glad you liked it. On Writer’s Block I have to give at least 50% of the credit to my unnamed Amish friend. He has a great sense of humor.

    4. Rita Persing

      Love the pictures!

      Here in York County, across the river from Lancaster County, we now have Amish neighbors all over the place. I also love to see the laundry hanging between the houses and poles, high up in the yards. Lucky me, I get to see it every week when I drive past. It’s also calming to watch the horses plodding through the fields throughout the day.

    5. Lenny Matroni

      Looking rorqual à small cottage out in the country amongst the Amish. 450/500. Rent

      I want à small cottage in a heavily populated Amish area in the country

    6. José J. Rodríguez


      Estoy interesado en entrar en contacto con iglesia Amish sabática.
      Agradeceré ayuda para conseguirlo.