Just a snippet of a story, but one I found amusing. Tourist carriage horses from around Manhattan’s Central Park have been sent to Amish Country. Frank Riccobono, owner of NYC Horse Carriage Rides, explains:

In mid-March, the entire industry made a decision to put our horses on furlough, and I sent my eight horses to Lancaster County on March 19. They are on a farm, grazing and eating grass over 100 acres. They need to be exercised daily and this was the best decision for their well-being.

Here’s a photo for you. I took this shot of a buggy sign while on a day trip from Lancaster County to NYC, back in 2012. Just like one you’d see in an Amish community:

Buggies Manhattan

So at least these horses should have one familiar element in their lives while on furlough.

Also, I didn’t know this about those horses – they get a six-week “vacation” every year. Riccobono’s horses regularly go to Lancaster County. Maybe they’re catching up with old Amish horse friends right now.

Sounds like he’s eager to see them again:

I’m really missing my horses. My daily routine was to go to the stables on West 52nd Street, groom them, work my shift as a driver and spend more time with them. It’s very therapeutic. I will be going to the farm to visit them soon. But right now we are just riding out the storm.

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