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    I have that book and it really helped me to understand why they dress as they do. I wonder how many have been asked if they are Mormon. When I started dressing plain, this was a question I got and was taken aback. About a year or so later was the story of the fundamental group.

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    When traveling in Poland with my wife and her sister, who are Mennonites wearing hanging white veils, we got a lot of stares. Not because of the veils, which look very much like those of some of the orders of nuns in Poland. It was because my wife was seven months pregnant! There were many whispered comments along the lines of, “Look at the bad nun!”


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    Reminds me of a time when I was in Bolivia, wearing a collarless shirt (not something I really do that often…)
    ¿Es usted padre? (Are you a father?) a man asked me.
    I blew him away by saying, “No, soy hijo de Dios.” (No, I am a son of God.)

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