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  • This quilts are a great representaion of the creativity and artistic expression of the Amish

    The Amish culture is gifted with unique expressions of creativity, inventions, adaptations and creative works abound. But the quilts are one of the expressions of individuality and artistic ability that catch the public eye and are known worldwide. The “broken dishes” is almost alive. The various patterns evoke “seasons’ in my mind. Thank you for this presentation.

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      Anita Martin
      Comment on Old Order Authentic Amish Quilts (February 6th, 2015 at 17:20)

      Old Order Authentic Amish Quilts

      I have close Amish friends who are currently in the quilt season. I can share what I have learned from them about real Amish quilts, as I am interested to marketing theirs. They are Old Order and very “Plain” so use only the colors of blue, brown, teal and green. No other colors esp. red would be acceptable. They have recently completed a Unique, Light in the Valley, Jacobs Ladder, Star Dahlia, Log Cabin Broken Star, Rose Wreath and Feathered Star. They will quilt any pattern, but can only use the above colors for their homes, and that kind are the ones I am most interested in.

      Tops are usually cut and sewn by treddle machine (some hand do the tops). They can be purchased already sewn or as kits to be sewn from Amish Quilt shops (real simple ones in Amish communities) usually for Amish, although English can buy. They are then placed on the frames and quilted. First they use a stencil to lay all the lines and then do very small hand stiches. My friends recently hosted all the teen girls to come over to quilt (a frolic) as their 2nd oldest daughter needs four as she will be getting married probably next fall. All girls are given four for their Hope chests along with a sewing machine, dishes, gas iron, ect. Next week the “older women” are coming to quilt. It is a very lovely site…..they all look one armed, as one arm is under and one arm on top! The young children all play quietly in the same room (no fighting here). I am in heaven when I am there. They all dress in “Sunday” dresses and are served a hearty lunch.

      I am particularly interested in these authentic quilts. Many of the ones in the Tourist communities (my friends are not) are even sewn as far away as Thailand. I even heard in Lancaster County Hmong quilters make them and they are sold as “Amish”, so you really have to ask questions.

      I have photos of these quilts, but am not too good at posting photos by may try

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    Andrew White
    Comment on Thanks Anita! (February 6th, 2015 at 18:44)

    Thanks Anita!

    Very interesting! Are you a collector or do you run a shop? The various colors allowed is a precious part of the story here. I enjoy the feeling these simple colors give to a room. We have a Quilting Store here in Fredericksburg Texas that holds quiltings and classes, and the locals are fond of Amish patterns.

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    Anita Martin
    Comment on Janneken Smucker: Ohio Amish Quilts in California (February 6th, 2015 at 20:08)

    No, I am not really a collector or a quilt shop owner. I have a store in NY who wants to see photos for possible sale, and a local Nationally recognized museum, who are interested in shows and sales. I just enjoy helping them out and it’s great fun! We’ll see if anything works out.

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      Comment on Great Amish Quilts (March 15th, 2015 at 01:42)

      Great Amish Quilts

      I love the Amish and Mennonite quilts from PA. I spent a couple of trips there and found everyone so friendly. I have a wonderful Mennonite woman who quilts for me. She is awesome. I have two beautiful quilts hanging on my wall from her shop. Good Luck!!

      Patty in Cali

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    Naomi Wilson
    Comment on Janneken Smucker: Ohio Amish Quilts in California (February 6th, 2015 at 22:29)

    It’s interesting how working under a set of limitations often produces the most beautiful results. Shaker furniture immediately comes to mind, but perhaps a better example would folk music that has been produced in various isolated communities. Many of the most haunting melodies were composed by people with no formal training and hardly any contact with the outside world.

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    Andrew White
    Comment on Naomi, the same is observable in nature... (February 7th, 2015 at 10:53)

    Naomi, the same is observable in nature...

    How very true, the oldest living tree in North America is the Great Basin Bristle Cone Pine. One member of this species, at 5064 years old, is the oldest known living non-clonal organism on Earth. These trees grow on isolated Mountain tops, wind blown, exposed to the elements and within this set of “limitations” it has outlived many other forms of life. With its well worn trunk and branches, often just a crown or cloak of green testifies to the life within, and the occasional smattering of pine cones insures it will continue, it is truly a monument to simplicity. In the same way, the Amish quilters are giving life to an enduring testimony of the Amish culture. Never underestimate the importance of what God gives you to do today because it is building some one else’s tomorrow.

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