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  • Hi Mona, buggy speed can vary but 6-8 mph, maybe 10 mph. And Amish don’t want gas prices to go up either :) Some of the businesses use a lot of diesel for instance.

  • sonofagun
    Comment on Buggies off the road? (March 18th, 2011 at 13:54)

    And look what the driver got off with:


    Unbelievable…and very sad.

  • Bob S.
    Comment on Buggies off the road? (March 18th, 2011 at 14:10)

    All buggies should be required to carry several pounds (or more!) of high explosives on the back of their buggy. Automobile drivers would soon learn to be a lot more cautious!

    • richard
      Comment on Buggies off the road? (December 1st, 2012 at 03:21)

      explosives on board!

      all buggies should just put a hazmat placard on their buggy that would get their attention. and under it a bumper sticker that reads i know where u live!!!! lol

  • concerned citizen
    Comment on Buggies off the road? (September 2nd, 2011 at 07:31)

    Cars need to slow down when they know there is Amish buggies in the area. Oh wait here is an idea. Drivers of vehicles are alert and aware of their surrounding, use common coutesy to others. The Amish has a right to their transportation as much as we are. That is their American right.

  • richard
    Comment on Buggies off the road? (December 1st, 2012 at 03:16)

    buggies off the road

    i was born and raised around the ashland, holmes county amish! i am english and i believe that if every motorist had to give up thier vehicles and use horse and buggy for one year they would quickly learn that nothing is worth rushing for or acting like idiots on the road. in my opinion the horse and buggy has the right to be there not the vehicles. people tend to complain about farmers on the roads with their tractors too. the way i see it everyone wants to point the finger until it happens to them!! and i for one am considering the idea of using horse drawn myself.

    Buggies off the road?

  • Maggie Austen
    Comment on Buggies off the road? (December 1st, 2012 at 09:04)

    Not just buggies to worry about

    Seems that folks want to keep saying “buggy awareness” but I grew up in a rural farming community and we rode bicycles or we walked; what about rounding a corner or cresting a hill to find large livestock in the road with a child or two trying to round them up? Or, a group of scholars walking to school. Or, like yesterday I came across two young boys pulling a wagon with a water trough strapped down with bungee cords – now that was distracting! Drivers just need to be less distracted and focus on their surroundings. I am not by any means overly cautious when driving. I have come upon SMV’s only to be startled right out of my seat. We are all preoccupied to some extent. Some of the distractions come in the form of the scenery we are enjoying – cows, stooks, or a barn raising. But for heaven’s sake – wake up drivers! On a major road you take the chance of being pulled over for fast driving, don’t take advantage of a country road to hone your grand prix skills. And with all that said – there are some irresponsible buggy drivers as well!

    Buggies off the road?

    • Dodgy horses

      Well said Maggie. Not the only obstacles on the road. I am a believer in good old fashioned defensive driving.

      To the point about buggy drivers I would just add that sometimes the horses are not always as road-worthy as their owners might like them to be. There are people on this site that know better than I that horses are different…and I do think you get what you pay for. Some animals are seen as “project horses” which require extra training for whatever reason to get them to road-worthiness (if they ever get there).

      On my last visit to PA a friend was trying to train a rather stubborn one in that was not as responsive as he should be to his commands. I don’t think it was the safest horse. Fortunately he had some relatively low-traffic backroads to work with. I wouldn’t feel too safe riding with that particular horse though.

      Buggies off the road?

  • richard
    Comment on Buggies off the road? (December 3rd, 2012 at 02:56)

    safe horses for the road

    you know i have seen amish trying to train a horse that just retired from racing to be an everyday buggy puller! its like use we wanna get somewhere faster we soup up our rides seems they are doing the same lol but in my experience the safest way to get a horse use to the roar of semis and vehicles going screaming by is find someone that has a section of land right next to a rather busy highway and let them get use to it before they are put out on the roadways.

    Buggies off the road?

  • Douglas Franciose
    Comment on Buggies off the road? (December 3rd, 2012 at 10:09)

    Amish buggies off the road

    My Wife and I just returned from a long weekend in Lancaster, PA. While there, I noticed that the Buggie Drivers pulled off as far to the right to allow cars and trucks to pass. If the English Drivers[US] gave the buggies the right of way they needed I don’t see where the trouble would come from. So rember you are in the Amish neck of the wood’s so take care and be careful of thr buggies

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