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    Comment on Amish and the law (July 11th, 2009 at 08:51)

    I am sure there are incidents of violence and abuse among the Amish, as there are among all large groups of people and within all communities. However, I get the feeling that many government and “social-minded” people try to play it up and create an air of doubt in order to justify reaching into the Amish communities. Some of those people apparently believe that the Amish way of life is inherently violent and abusive towards women, for example, and the fact that they cannot always “get in” must really bother them.

    The more the Amish practice passive non-cooperation with respect to government law enforcers, the more I respect them.

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    Comment on Amish and the law (July 13th, 2009 at 19:23)


    I thought you might find this video interesting….I did!

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    Comment on Amish and the law (July 13th, 2009 at 22:49)

    Thanks tj, I really did find it interesting. As much as I admire the Amish as a culture and for their willingness to make lifestyle compromises or maybe rather their lack of compromises, I have often wondered how much understanding of scripture the “average” Amish man or woman really has.

    These two young men are standing on some sound principles. They are not the first to find church with a capital C is not in alignment with God’s word with a capital W. I found it fascinating to listen to the evangelical outreach on the street near the end of the clip, as our own pastor has made many of the same observations numerous times in our own independent, non-denominational church. I pray their efforts bear much fruit.

    I also pray for the little girl with leukemia. Sounds like she has a long, tough row to hoe. However, her parents seem to have a strong understanding of the matters of faith associated with her illness. If you pray, I would ask that you pray for all of them.

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    Courtney North
    Comment on Amish and the law (October 3rd, 2009 at 22:46)

    OldKat, I’m trying to contact the Amish in South Texas. Please contact me at courtneynorth@hotmail.com.

    Eat ’em up!

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    Comment on dishonest Swarey amish of Indiana (February 16th, 2012 at 10:40)

    dishonest Swarey amish of Indiana

    Swarey family,Lavina & Markus,seem to think they are above our law when it comes to lying an taking money for horses sold as registered colts 1 bilgain,1 percheron to be my studs for buisness.Paid one I have with me the other half which is still with them pending we get the registeration papers,which for some reason they have a different excuse for not giving,so now they don”t think they should return my money for the one they still have and the papers for the one I paid for ,I”am trying to run my own horse farm,told them I was taking them to court for fraud an theft their reaction was they don”t answer to our court system.The amish are no better then we are they only hide behind there so called beliefs,my husband calls they posers.Don”t deal with them unless you get everything up front because they will lie right to your face just to make that dollor.

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    Comment on BEWARE the Swarey"s in washington county ind. (February 16th, 2012 at 10:55)

    BEWARE the Swarey"s in washington county ind.

    The Lavina & Markus Swarey,are the most dishonest people I have came across.They have been lying to me from the first day I did buisness with them.I bought 1 Belgain 1 Perchon studs from them,asked an was told they were both registered without papers breeding is pointless for my buisness,waiting for papers I paid the Belgain off he is with me,half on Percheron still at there place still waiting for them to give us the papers all I”ve been getting is excuse after excuse for 8 months now I”am patient gave them time to get them,but really enough,now they don”t think they should give me my money back for horse they have or papers for the one I have.Told them I was taking them to court for fraud an theft,their reactions was they don”t answer to our court system.My husband calls them posers they hide behind their beliefs when need to but will lie an cheat anyone for a dollar I hope the Swarey family in Salem Ind. does not reflect how all Amish believe.

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