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    Amish Football Restaurants I have been to Shady Maple in East Earl and was not impressed. I think the best buffet in Lancaster County is Yoders in New Holland. A lot of our Amish friends eat there. Dienners on RT …

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    Inside an Amish Home: The Living Room The majority of Lancaster County Amish have dark green window blinds, but may have curtains in the bedrooms. I’ve never seen curtains on first floor windows in all the homes I’ve been in. And that would be many …

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    Quilt Questions Amish Quilts I own 2 Amish quilts that were gifts to me when I taught in 2 Amish schools. The first from Hollow School – each mother embroidered a square with a design and her children’s names. I was invited …

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    Another 10 views of Lancaster County The first Amish school picture is definitely Hollow School. It is one of, if not the only one room school with a basement. I taught there 4 years, but would need to get out my school quilt to …

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    Abner the bookbinder I met Abner when we first moved from Pittsburgh to Lancaster County. We worked together at Zimmerman’s Grocery Store in Intercourse and he was the person who introduced me to one of the Amish school directors. We became …

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