Northkill was an Amish settlement existing in Berks County, Pennsylvania in the 1700s.  It was home to some of the earliest Amish settlers in the New World.

It was also the site of a brutal massacre still recounted by Amish today.

During the French and Indian war, Amishman Jacob Hochstetler’s home came under attack by Indians.  Hochstetler famously restrained his sons from retaliating with gunfire.

His wife and two children were slaughtered, while he and two sons were captured.  The story is cited by Amish as an important example of non-resistance.

Hochstetler is important for another reason:  many Amish today can trace their ancestry to the Amishman and his surviving sons.

Mike from the Primitive Christianity website has put together a documentary/teaching video on the occurrence, which he has kindly shared with the blog:

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