Back in June I posted on Japanese interest in the Amish and included some comments and photos from Donald Kraybill, fresh from a lecture tour of the island nation.  Since that time, Stephen Scott, also of the Young Center, has visited Japan to share knowledge on America’s best-known Plain People.

In this article from today’s Lancaster Sunday News (no longer online) Kraybill and Scott share some more juicy details of their trips–on monsoons and fish breakfasts, for example–while explaining why this could be Japan’s ‘Summer of the Amish’.

Japanese have had a long-running interest in the Amish and the two societies, despite obvious differences, actually share much in common, including a relative lack of crime and emphasis on community.

In an accompanying article, Brad Igou details his experience with both Amish and Japanese (no longer online), gained through running a Lancaster Amish-themed tourist outlet and while teaching for eight years in Japan.  Igou says Japanese visitors are common.  “We’ve had film crews here from Japanese TV shows more often than I can count.”

Amish-made cheese

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