Cruise Night at Shrewsbury Amish Market

I’ve been hearing about Cruise Night at the Markets at Shrewsbury for years now. I finally got to attend on this recent PA trip.

First, a word about the venue. The Markets at Shrewsbury is one of the nicer and more extensive Pennsylvania Dutch markets I’ve visited. I’d say the vendor breakdown is majority Amish, with a number of English stands as well. Most of the Amish vendors come from Lancaster County, with some from elsewhere.  The market itself is located in southern York County, just a few miles from the Maryland border, off I-83.

Shrewsbury features the standard slate of Amish shops, including a bakery, meats seller, bulk foods outlet, and prepared foods vendors.  It also has a remarkably large furniture showroom, as well as a crafts mini-mall.  I’ll have a little more on the market and one of my favorite stops, Country Style Deli, soon.

Once a month on a Friday Shrewsbury puts on a cruise night, when classic car owners can bring their vehicles to drive the lot, park, and jabber jaw with other enthusiasts. It’s a big night for the market, which stays open a couple of hours longer that day. I was told the night I attended, a near-perfect August evening, saw possibly the best turnout ever.

I usually post Amish buggy photos; I hope you won’t mind a few English buggy pics today.

Cruise Night Shrewsbury Market

Part of the vast parking lot outside the Markets at Shrewsbury.

Amish Classic Car

Coincidentally Penn Dutch was running an all-the-furniture-you-can-fit-in-your-trunk special that night.

Amish Market Cruise Night

Amish furniture meets classic cars.  Craftsmanship overload.

Dmc Delorean

This shot takes me back to the past.

Amish Farmers Market York County

One of the plainer rides on the lot.

Elvis Classic Car

The King’s transport.

Emerald Express

The Emerald Express. Break out your bell bottoms.

Iza Shrewsbury

Cars as far as the eye can see.  Izabela tries to decide which is her favorite.

Classic Chevrolet York County PA

The next cruise night at Shrewsbury is set for Friday, Sep. 28, from 5 to 9pm. You can find out more about the market here.  Get the Riehl McCoy sub from Country Style if you get hungry while you’re there.

I’m on vacation in SC for the next week, so this will be the last blog post until Monday Sep. 24.

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    1. Kim in NY

      comment on Cruise Night at Shrewsbury

      Love the car photos, Erik! Great pics!

    2. OldKat

      Oh my goodness!

      I HAVE to go to this sometime! It looks like a blast.

      My bride told me just this week that she plans to retire at the end of this school year. That is all I have been waiting for so that I can apply for a job with my company that involves working for several months at a time in various locations around the country.

      Some of those locations include areas in PA, NY, OH, MO, IL & IN … all areas that could put us in relatively close position to be able to visit some Amish communities. If I get that job and we end up living in PA for up to 6 months at a time, THIS is one stop we WILL make!

    3. OldKat

      I think ...

      that Izabela is a keeper. I don’t know which car turned out to be her favorite. From what I can see, I really like the ’57 Chevy in the bottom photo. Which is kind of surprising since I am a bonafide Ford guy. Love THIS Chevy though.

      1. Thanks Oldkat, and I think you’d really like this event. I’m not even a car guy and I had a blast. And congrats on the retirement news and the news you’ll soon be more mobile…that sounds exciting.

        As for Iza’s favorite, it is kind of an inside joke…she hates the “Which one is your favorite?” question, and I am programmed to ask it all the time 😉

    4. Naomi Wilson

      Well it's about time!!!

      Izabela would fit right in in a bonnet and cape dress. I’d love to hear her take on the Amish. You have considered joining in the past. Would she ever ponder such a thing?

      1. We should have gotten her in one to test it out 🙂 Actually I never really seriously considered joining the Amish but may have commented on a previous post that the thought crossed my mind, as I think it probably does for most people who spend some time with Amish. But not in a serious, but rather a “I wonder what this life would be like” sort of way. I’m not sure Izabela is ready to make the leap either, but she did enjoy the visits. Maybe I can get some comments out of her. She did a pretty good job picking up the differences between communities, so I gave her an A- for her powers of observation 🙂

    5. Rich Stevick

      Yaah, S'is really goot.

      Although it’s 42 miles from our house here in Dillsburg, PA, to the market, I love to go to Shrewsbury. In fact, I had been planning to drive down today for some fresh produce and quick chat with Erik’s good Amish friend, Ben,the owner of Country Fresh,the stand with the great subs and fine deli. He keeps telling me that I should come to Cruise Night sometime. I guess so. I’m sure that it would be a cultural experience for me. I know that many of the cars in your pics remind me of my dream cars from the Fifties. If you get there, try the egg custard cup from the Mennonite stand just to the left of the main entrance. Also, the whole wheat bread in the middle of the market–$2.50 a loaf–is baked fresh on the premises and it alone is worth my drive. Schmuck’s goot un machs goot. Rich P.S. I just got back from spending a couple days at Lawrence County, PA–drove a couple Amish friends there. Great hospitality and lots of blue doors. They don’t know why either, although blue is the color of choice for men’s shirts and women’s dresses. “It’s in the Ordnung,” I was told. R P.P.S. Check your pics again, Erik. The next to the last one is definitely a keeper:)

      1. Great comments and recommendations Rich…and Ben is right, I bet you’d enjoy the evening. By the way I want Shrewsbury to start a “daughter market” in NC. It would be a haul and would mean staying half the week, but they would clean up down here as the only Amish market in the vicinity. I know, that idea belongs on the moon, but you have to plant a seed sometime if you want a tree 🙂

        Egg custard cup. Sounds odd enough that I need to try it next time 🙂

      2. Linda

        Rich, are you talking about frozen custard, like ice cream? Or more like egg custard pie, without the crust, in a cup?

        Erik, we wish you a safe and relaxing vacation. Thanks for the picture of Izabela!

        1. Rich Stevick

          Custard answer to Linda

          It’s the old-fashioned, bake-in-the-oven, bake-in-custard-cups custard, with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top–yummy. I took a cooler along with me to the market this afternoon and brought half a dozen custards home–actually five since I gave in and ate one right on the premises. If you’ve ever eaten flan, it’s the PA Dutch version. Machs goot, Rich S

          1. Linda

            Thanks, Rich. Making egg custard is an art, or a science. It’s a treat when someone brings this comfort food to a carry-in dinner. “Eppah macht goot custard.” (Someone makes good custard.)

    6. LeeAnn

      Izzie, is beautiful! I agree she could pass for Amish! Erik, don’t let this one go!

      Interesting post. Wish I lived close to this area to go to the market. @ Rich, quit making us all so hungry that we droll! All that food talk has me hungry big time. Haven’t had my breakfast yet, as you might tell.

      Custard and homemade bread, yum! Do they put fresh butter and jam on it for you? Oh the country life that I miss!

    7. Kentucky Lady 717

      Love the car pictures… going to those…..Isabela is very cute…..yes I would say she is a keeper :)did you find out which car was her favorite ? My favorite of all the old cars would be a a 57 Chevy…..and of course I like the real old ones, the first ones that Henry Ford made…..being from Mich. I have seen most all of them :)Haven’t been to any here tho…guess they don’t have many cruise shows here like we did in Mich….

      1. I think it was too hard for her to decide KY Lady…she would probably say “all of them”. 🙂

    8. Judy

      Erik, surely you wouldn’t let Izabela go back home without bringing her to MinneSNOWta, God’s Country. And as I am sure you know, we have several Amish Communities in SE Minnesota, and in nearby Wisconsin. We would be happy to host you. (And you could get a check-up at TWFMC (The World Famous Mayo Clinic) whilst you’re here. Think about it. Judy (a Chicago ex-pat loving MN!)

      1. Thank you Judy…would love to visit sometime. I’ve been in Minnesota a few times and enjoyed it, though it was in the summer 🙂

    9. Alice Mary


      …a face to place with her name! Hello again, Izabela! Now I’ll have a lovely face to recall whenever Erik mentions your name. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here & that you keep Erik “in line” 😉

      We have a Cruise Night in my town on Wednesdays during the Summer months. I’m not really a “car” person, but I must admit I have a fond place in my heart for the pastel-colored cars (especially Chevys) of the ’50’s-’60’s, and “two toned” cars, in general. “Uncle Bill” had a pink and grey Rambler. Folks across the street had an aqua and white ’57 Chevy like the yellow one in the photo. Maybe pastels will be a trend again someday (and two-tone, too)!

      Enjoy your vacation week! Relax!

      Alice Mary

    10. Loretta

      How far would you say it is from Bird-in-hand Pa to Shrewsbury? I’ve read about the shoppes there and didn’t know the distance.

      BTW, enjoy yourselves in SC!!!

      1. It’s under an hour to get there from BiH Loretta.

    11. Joan Sheldon

      Izabela is a keeper.

      I agree with the comments above that Izabela is a keeper. Please include more pics of her in future if she permits.
      I, too, love the old cars. There is quite a gathering of them in Bangor, Maine, which I get to see when I take my Amish friends to sell there at the Farmer’s Market on Weds.

    12. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Kar Krazy!

      If Izabela is about our age, you said you where around, but past 30, right Erik, she’s probably thinking “this one looks a bit like the communist era cars of my youth”, I know my childhood is dominated by 1980s k-kars [my mom’s mom drove one so did my father’s brother, initially it belonged to their father in the 1970s; they drove it until 1999 when uncle died, they where that good!] My favorite ad of all time was Tilden cars at the end of “Bizarre” episodes, literally a picture of the car and the logo, awful designs, but if it’s emblematic of one’s childhood, so in a strange way its beautiful, heck, I even had toy cars of k-kars.

      Does anyone know the make of the car that John Book’s sister drove (well John drove it to the farm, I don’t know how, with that “gun-of-the-hand” wound) in Witness?

      1. You still see some of those cars on the road but they’re increasingly rare Shom, at least in towns and cities. At one time most Poles drove a Fiat model, the most popular was probably the “Maluch”, basically a shoebox strapped to a lawnmower engine.

    13. Alice Mary

      Witness car?

      Here’s a link to the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) site with trivia about the film. I haven’t read it all, but wonder if someone disputes the “trivia” that says German is seldom spoken in the (that particular) community.

      I’ve been trying to find out about the make of the car, SHOM, but I’m at work (on a break) and can’t take too much time researching right now!

      Alice Mary

    14. Carolyn B

      I agree with all previous posts that Izbela is a keeper. Glad you were able to get her in a shot.

      I like the DeLoren style with the doors in the air.

    15. Rose Goddard

      English Buggies

      Oh my goodness, these look just like the Classic Cars that come to our town at least 2 to 3 times a year… Love the cars… Thank You for Sharing!!!

      On my Facebook Page I have some pictures of Classic Cars that I have taken at different times,,,, Thay are so Awesome!!!!

    16. LeeAnn

      @ slightly handled man, I believe that was a VW that John Book drove in the movie.

    17. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Carolyn B.; I saw a new car advertised, or featured, on TV that featured gull or bow wing designed this week, I’d be greatly surprised if that came back into popularity, though from what I understand, in terms of the original car, popularity is a relative term, a certain Michael J. Fox movie series probably helped a little.

      Erik; Maybe lawn mower engine cars should make a comeback in the modern era, if that is a literal description.

      LeeAnn; Thank you, you could be right. I don’t look at that kind of detail when I watch a movie, even a history film, for instance I’m not going to under my breath cough “World War Two” when I watch the church and village burning scene in Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot”, though I am glad they didn’t send Joseph Brant that far south in that film, a real barn burning Native Crown loyal Warrior.

      1. Carolyn B

        Shom, thanks for giving me an excuse to surf Youtube this week. I’ll look for this new car.

        I like the winged doors as a covered entry into the car. I despise rain rolling down my neck as I load my chair lift when it pours down.
        What I do for now is wear a baseball cap backwards during the rain to save my old, cold, wet neck. 🙂

    18. Richard from Amish Stories

      Getting to this post really late, love the cars Erik since Im a pretty big car guy. I really enjoy going to local car shows and talking with the car owners, good people they are! Richard.

    19. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I wonder if all is well with Erik. “Cruise Night at the Shrewsbury Amish Market” was posted on the 14th, it is now the 18th. Usually Erik posts something on a Monday. Maybe the answer is that Erik has gone back deep in the heart of Amish country where a computer is beyond reach.

      1. Alice Mary

        Vacation for Erik

        Erik’s “off” (on vacation) for a couple of weeks—I think he mentioned it here last week.

        Alice Mary

        1. Slightly-handled-Order-man

          Ah, right, sorry, I forgot

          Oops. My mistake, I do believe your right, now that I think about it, Alice Nary, thanks, I was a little worried.
          It slipped my mind, the vacation thing.

      2. Valerie

        I Miss Erik Too

        But after seeing Izabela would you want to spend all your time on this site?
        Hopefully, Isabela will share some of her thoughts after all this with Erik’s little internet family. 🙂

        (if you peek at this Erik, we pray you have a safe & peaceful vacation)

    20. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      The Amish/Mennonite Car thing

      Okay everyone, I’m going to take a lead here and engage us in a car related question.

      Can as many people as possible explain why certain, perhaps most, Old Order Amish do not drive cars while similarly disciplined Old Order Mennonites are, so I am told anyway, allowed to do so within certain restrictions?

    21. Linda

      Shom, from what I understand, the Old Order Mennonites are subdivided into Groffdale Conference and Weaverland Conference. Both groups dress plainly. The Groffdale/Joe Wengers use horse and buggy. The Weaverland/Hornings drive automobiles, but probably not two-tone colors nor 2-door sports cars., lists where the Groffdale Old Order Mennonite Conference settlements are. A group of Old Order Mennonites near Harrisonburg, Virginia, also uses horse-drawn vehicles.

    22. Richard from Amish Stories

      Vacations are always needed and appreciated!

      Vacations are always needed, and I’m back after a blog break myself so enjoy yourself Erik. Richard.

    23. Marcus Yoder

      Erik I saw your name in the Budget. Do you know if Daniel Weaver has a brother named Wanyne who is a doctor?
      Marcus Yoder

      1. Hi Marcus, that would be not Daniel but his father’s brother.

    24. Richard from Amish Stories

      I went to a classic car show In Lancaster this Saturday....

      I went to a very nice car show in Manheim which is located in Lancaster county this Saturday, and I did see 2 pretty rare cars among the many that were there. With one being a 1970 Supper Bird and the other a Plymouth Duster again from 1970 only with a factory cloth sunroof, I was told by its owner that only 92 were ever made by Chrysler. So its not a hemi Cuda from the early 1970s but its still rare in its own right!

      Richard from

    25. Tom in KY

      Vacation, I thought those things only existed in fairy tails, or as my grandpa use to say, a vacation was something you got when you could no longer see over the dirt.LOL I hope you enjoy S.C. Erik, looking forward to the new post.

      1. Tom, sometimes they actually happen! This one is something of a family tradition, one week every year. Always something to look forward to–we may not always be in the same place, but will be for at least that week.