I’ve been hearing about Cruise Night at the Markets at Shrewsbury for years now. I finally got to attend on this recent PA trip.

First, a word about the venue. The Markets at Shrewsbury is one of the nicer and more extensive Pennsylvania Dutch markets I’ve visited. I’d say the vendor breakdown is majority Amish, with a number of English stands as well. Most of the Amish vendors come from Lancaster County, with some from elsewhere.  The market itself is located in southern York County, just a few miles from the Maryland border, off I-83.

Shrewsbury features the standard slate of Amish shops, including a bakery, meats seller, bulk foods outlet, and prepared foods vendors.  It also has a remarkably large furniture showroom, as well as a crafts mini-mall.  I’ll have a little more on the market and one of my favorite stops, Country Style Deli, soon.

Once a month on a Friday Shrewsbury puts on a cruise night, when classic car owners can bring their vehicles to drive the lot, park, and jabber jaw with other enthusiasts. It’s a big night for the market, which stays open a couple of hours longer that day. I was told the night I attended, a near-perfect August evening, saw possibly the best turnout ever.

I usually post Amish buggy photos; I hope you won’t mind a few English buggy pics today.

Cruise Night Shrewsbury Market

Part of the vast parking lot outside the Markets at Shrewsbury.

Amish Classic Car

Coincidentally Penn Dutch was running an all-the-furniture-you-can-fit-in-your-trunk special that night.

Amish Market Cruise Night

Amish furniture meets classic cars.  Craftsmanship overload.

Dmc Delorean

This shot takes me back to the past.

Amish Farmers Market York County

One of the plainer rides on the lot.

Elvis Classic Car

The King’s transport.

Emerald Express

The Emerald Express. Break out your bell bottoms.

Iza Shrewsbury

Cars as far as the eye can see.  Izabela tries to decide which is her favorite.

Classic Chevrolet York County PA

The next cruise night at Shrewsbury is set for Friday, Sep. 28, from 5 to 9pm. You can find out more about the market here.  Get the Riehl McCoy sub from Country Style if you get hungry while you’re there.

I’m on vacation in SC for the next week, so this will be the last blog post until Monday Sep. 24.


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