Unity, Maine Amish: “Donut Day” Is Back

Back in April, we learned that the ever-popular Wednesday donuts at Unity, Maine’s Community Market had been canceled due to COVID. Here’s a photo making the sad announcement (via Bangor Daily News):

But the popular treats in this Amish-run destination are back:

UNITY — A man driving a horse and buggy makes a sharp right turn into a long, snow-blanketed drive that runs along the Amish Community Market and Bakery.

A blue sedan circles the drive to continue on its way on a mild winter morning. Pickup trucks with plows hanging off them follow the buggy’s path, with workers looking for fuel after getting through a nor’easter.

Couples exit with boxes and bags of different shapes and sizes. It is Wednesday, also known as “Donut Day,” at the market.

“Breakfast of champions,” Dana Waugh quipped as he headed back to his truck after plowing out some of Unity College’s property. “I’m addicted to their doughnuts. They really know how to take care of people. It’s like your corner store.”

Waugh, of China, regularly stops in for doughnut Wednesdays at the market. During the summer, fresh doughnuts are also served Saturdays.

Image: Rich Abrahamson/Morning Sentinel

There is also some interesting info on the founding of this community:

Sponsored by the Amish community in Smyrna, Caleb and Rosie Stoll set out for Unity in the fall of 2008. The only condition Smyrna put on the move was that the Stolls have to live within 150 miles of their former Aroostook County town. They chose Unity, about as far south as they could go, and have no regrets.

Caleb Stoll is the son of Elmo Stoll, who founded the Christian Communities, an atypical “Amishesque” group which eventually disbanded about 20 years ago. And Unity itself is an atypical Amish settlement. More on what makes Unity atypical here and here.

Along those lines the article has some nice photos, including one showing the unusual facial hair of men in this community:

Image: Rich Abrahamson/Morning Sentinel

What’s not atypical here is the Amish talent for creating delicious treats. And it sounds like their customers are over the moon that Wednesday’s donuts have returned in full force.

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    1. Pat Monti

      Yum If

      Yum if they actually use a proper amount of spices and fresh ingredients which not all Amish bakers do.