I keep returning to these videos by the 717 Drone Guys because I love the serene feeling of flight they convey. Say what you will about drones, but they are able to capture some beautiful visuals – in this case, of Amish farming scenes from perspectives we don’t usually see. These particular videos are also well edited and have nice music which is a bonus.

Images: 717 Drone Guys/YouTube

Others we’ve seen already include the Lancaster Buggy At Sunset and the Amish Corn Harvest From Above. This video is titled “Top 10 Aerial Amish Farming Scenes Compilation”.

What I also like about this particular video is that they tell you what field task the farmers are doing in each shot – including discing & cultipacking, tedding hay, and spreading manure. It’s a sample of the types of jobs Amish farmers do throughout the year, and the equipment they use. This video also has a somewhat humorous ending.


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