Top 10 Amish Farm Scenes (Aerial Video)

I keep returning to these videos by the 717 Drone Guys because I love the serene feeling of flight they convey. Say what you will about drones, but they are able to capture some beautiful visuals – in this case, of Amish farming scenes from perspectives we don’t usually see. These particular videos are also well edited and have nice music which is a bonus.

Images: 717 Drone Guys/YouTube

Others we’ve seen already include the Lancaster Buggy At Sunset and the Amish Corn Harvest From Above. This video is titled “Top 10 Aerial Amish Farming Scenes Compilation”.

What I also like about this particular video is that they tell you what field task the farmers are doing in each shot – including discing & cultipacking, tedding hay, and spreading manure. It’s a sample of the types of jobs Amish farmers do throughout the year, and the equipment they use. This video also has a somewhat humorous ending.


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    1. Thanks

      Wonderful video thanks, and a great ending!
      Stay safe
      Blessings from Down Under

    2. Robert Coggeshall

      aerial video

      I find it more disturbing than beautiful. For the most part the Amish do not like to be photographed and yet you are not only taking photographs of them you are now taking aerial videos. I do not think this is right and is violating their privacy.