Visiting Amish communities you might notice people living in a building meant for something else. Tom shares a little today about these “shop houses” along with a few photos from Angelica, NY:

Amish Shop House

Says Tom: “In Conewango and other conservative settlements I visit young married Amish couples often build a shop house. This a very simple house that they can live in until they are able to build a larger house. Then they will use the shop house for a shop. Also in this area doors are painted “Amish blue”, some times gray is the color of choice.”

Shop House NY Amish
“This shop house and the next one were built by a friend of mine for his two married daughters and sons in law. I have been in this one and it is very nice. As I remember my friend said there is less than $10,000 in materials in this building. After watching HG TV I would guess few English young people today would be interested in a house without granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances in their kitchens, but Amish folks seem to do quite well without.”

Angelica New York Amish


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