Amish Corn Harvest From Above (Video)

Here’s a simple video showing an Amish family harvesting corn row-by-row using a horse-drawn corn binder. Nice aerial scenes on a beautiful day. Rather than using a modern industrial-sized corn harvester, Amish family farmers harvest corn by this more laborious method. More than one pair of hands is needed which ensures it is a family task.

Corn will be soon coming down in Amish communities around the country, so I thought this video was timely. They (717 Drone Guys) even added some zippy corn-harvesting music. Enjoy.

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    1. Geo


      That banjo makes real down home country (corn) pickin music. Yeehaw!

    2. Debbie
    3. Kenneth L. McGarry

      Amish Corn Harvest

      They’re harvest silage corn as opposed to ear corn. Silage is cut while still green and the whole plant is (usually) chopped and store in a silo for feeding dairy cows. Ear corn is harvested in the fall after the stalk is completely dry.