If you are of Polish descent, like I am, or easily offended, you might skip today’s non-PC post.

Abe, Sarah and I were yukking it up at breakfast today, sharing some intercultural comedy.

I had heard Polish jokes in my time (as a card-carrying, passport-holding dual Polish/American citizen, I’ve gotten an earful, and told a few as well), had heard Amish jokes (they make the rounds, often passed on by Amish themselves) but had never heard of the hybrid–the Polish-Amish joke.

Abe shared a couple of these this morning with me.  So, I don’t know how funny it will come off, but at the risk of losing a few dozen subscribers, here is my written rendition:

Some Poles, for whatever unknown reason, decide to construct a bridge in the middle of a dry, dusty desert.  The next day they realize the folly of their endeavor and decide to tear it down.  Returning to the bridge, they find that it won’t be so simple, as here were three Amishmen, sitting atop the bridge–fishing.

Yuk-yuk.  Okay, I promise that will be the last of those.  Something about Abe’s big grin makes that one work better.  Or maybe it’s in the telling.  Or maybe not.  Anyway, I guess the point is, Amish people have a sense of humor too (though some of their jokes work better than others).

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