My Amish friend Aaron recently informed me of a curious entry into the Red Bull Flugtag contest.

But first, Aaron had to explain what Flugtag actually is.

Flugtag is a “flight” competition the Austrian energy drink* maker puts on each year.

Teams ride homemade contraptions down a 30-foot high ramp, jumping and soaring into water below.  “Flugtag” (pronounced “flewg tallg”) means “fly day” in German, and fits well with the company’s slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”.

In any case, it looks like there is an Amish buggy entry into this year’s Sep. 4 contest near Philadelphia:

amish flying buggy

"Ack, no I don't read Chinese either. I think this goes here?"

No telling if aeronautical carriages will end up the next hot item in Amish buggy shops.  It did give me a chance to recall Amish rules on flying, however.

*Aaron and I have struck upon a foolproof business plan.  We are coming up with a Lancaster County-themed energy drink.  Look, it had to happen sometime.

My business partner and I are currently accepting nominations for names.  So far we have thunk up “Red Mule” and “Yoderade”.

Somehow, I’m not sure those are going to cut it.  Help us out with ideas, would you?

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