Following a motion filed last week by his attorney, beard-cutting clan leader Sam Mullet will be released early due to threat from the novel coronavirus. From the AP:

Sam Mullet Sr. was moved to a halfway house in Youngstown on March 4 and was scheduled to be released in January. But his attorney argued in a filing last week that he should be sent home because of his age and underlying health conditions increase his risk of getting sick.

The Bureau of Prisons said in a ruling Monday that Mullet will be released as part of the Elderly Offender Home Confinement pilot program. The action was not opposed by prosecutors.

The attacks in 2011 were meant to shame fellow Amish who had defied or denounced the authoritarian style of the leader of the Bergholz community in eastern Ohio.

Mullet is 74 years old now. At the time of his sentencing, fear of the man among Amish was so great, that some requested he be given life imprisonment.

Mullet has served about seven years of his close-to-11-year sentence. He was scheduled to be released next January.

I can imagine this news might make some of his victims uneasy. That said, I’m not aware of any retaliation carried out by, say, Mullet’s associates in the years since the 2011 attacks.

Hopefully this brings an end to this ugly story.

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