Sam Mullet Seeks Release Due To Coronavirus Threat

Sam Mullet was the pseudo-Amish bishop of a breakaway church who orchestrated the beard and hair-cutting attacks which terrorized an Ohio Amish community in 2011.

Mullett is currently serving out the end of his 10-year, 9-month sentence in a halfway house. He would like to be released to finish his sentence under house arrest due to the coronavirus threat.

Mullett is 74 years old and could be considered in the “high-risk” category in terms of COVID-19 danger. From

Federal public defender Edward Bryan wrote in the motion that Mullet underwent triple bypass surgery in 2017 to fix blockages in his arteries and that he poses an increased risk of illness or death from the coronavirus because of his age and heart condition.

Bryan said the Federal Bureau of Prisons would not allow Mullet to finish the rest of his sentence on house arrest until July.

“Mr. Mullet has completed the vast majority of his sentence and is currently in the transition stage back to his community,” Bryan wrote on behalf of his client. “In light of the serious health risks currently at play in the community and individually related to Mr. Mullet’s health and age, this Court should grant Mr. Mullet’s compassionate release forthwith.”

It was not immediately clear whether federal prosecutors would oppose Mullet’s request. An email sent to a U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman was not immediately returned.

Mullett has previously sought early release, but was denied. His official release date is just ten months away, on January 18, 2021.

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