My two-month excursion in Lancaster County is over.  I’m back in Ohio now.

Lancaster was a fantastic experience but now that I’m back here, I’m reminding myself why Holmes County is perhaps my favorite of all Amish settlements.

Holmes County is more diverse, (much) more rural, arguably a smidgen more beautiful, and I guess I just have known more people here for longer so that personally gives it an edge.  I just attended church service again this past weekend, this time near Berlin, and have been catching up with friends.

On Sunday I was reminded again of how the ever-resourceful Amish get things done.  I found my truck’s battery completely dead upon returning by buggy with ‘John’ and family, who were bringing me back from church.

After both John’s and the neighbor’s deep-cycle batteries failed to start my car, he called upon one ‘resource’ we had overlooked–his unbaptized sister.  She helpfully drove her sedan up from her parents’ next door and got me going.

Spiritual questions aside, I’m not the only one that has found an unbaptized family member to come in handy–business owners sometimes have sons that drive the work truck to the job site.

Cars parked in front of Amish homes are a common sight in Holmes County–the youth who own them may even transport parents on errands, though there are many who would find that arrangement disagreeable.

I did notice that John chose to walk up the dusty monster-sized hill after fetching his sister, rather than simply ride back from his parents’ place with her.

In any case, John hopes she chooses to be baptized soon, as all his other siblings have.  I guess I do too.

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