How many places could you just show up at, and expect to get a place to sleep? I’m sure we all have a few. Family at the least. Returning to NC from Indiana yesterday, I decided to see if I had someone like that in Ohio.

The Amish friend I pointed my car towards (Ivan Miller is his pseudonym if you’ve read my business book) did not disappoint. I had tried to warn him I might appear Sunday evening, but with no luck. Though there was no room at his proverbial inn (big family) he quickly located a bed at the home of fellow church members, a young couple just down the road.

Ivan wondered if I was at all nervous just showing up unannounced. I said not really. He said that if I had been, then it was my problem because there was no reason to be. I was just thinking that is a blessing.

Of course, I did offer up free Amish taxi services for this morning. But that was after my sleeping spot was secured, so I still have to give Ivan the credit!

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