Planning an Amish wedding for a few hundred guests, and want to make sure the special day goes off without a hitch?

You’ve never found yourself in that situation, you say?

das-hochzeit-buchlein-amish-wedding-guideWell, if you ever did, you might do well to pick up a copy of Das Hochzeit Büchlein: A Wedding Preparation Booklet. 

This handy guide was produced by members of the Lancaster County Amish community.

It’s a collection of practical tips on things like preparing food, invitations, logistics and more, “for weddings with about 350 guests”.

As you’d expect, there are a lot of details to attend to when organizing an Amish wedding. You may need to arrange things like commemorative wedding pens or even a wedding trailer or “wedding house” for the event.

As the compiler writes in the introduction, “The purpose of this booklet is to help you have a successful wedding. To host a great event. To serve well those who come…It is not a standard setter, but lots of shared tips, etc. … like those other mothers pass to sisters to give ideas.”


Here are five of my favorite Amish wedding tips from Das Hochzeit Büchlein. If you find this interesting, I’ll share more in another post.

5 Things to Remember When Planning an Amish Wedding

  1. Floor Support: Things for men to do on wedding day – Ensure that floors will not collapse in wedding area (hollow concrete blocks are often what breaks). Extra props may be needed in basement and below any area where groups of people fill rooms to standing room only.
  2. English Guests: If you have English people there at mealtime, put them all in a separate table to eat down in the basement or out of the way. Have someone wait on them, and also have those persons “take them around” until they leave. Also: If they do not know German it is usually appreciated to at least be told the text (during the wedding).
  3. Crying Babies: Assign several women to be baby-sitters for the immediate family the day of the wedding. Like in the forenoon, who loves having the sermon disturbed by a crying baby who could be entertained upstairs? And also during meals, the family needs help.
  4. Water: Water Porter – The most needed thing in a wedding seems to be water. Not so much a concern, but it is nice to be able to have access to a simple drink. Ones who travel are less in need of stopping for coffee if some is served to early comers, but giving water instead of coffee is good. By supplying water to guests in the afternoon, especially ones playing volleyball, the overall health is better. Especially for ones with many weddings.
  5. Food Prep: As you’d expect there is plenty related to preparing and serving the huge wedding day meal(s), including sections “For the Potato People” (“There should be 4 3/4 buckets of potatoes peeled in the morning”), on Celery (“Some people buy it a little early and cover it and set it aside, maybe about a week. It isn’t so green & tastes better”), and a Bulk Food Store shopping list (items include 25 dozen Eggs, 1 case Velveeta Cheese, and 50 pies).

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