FBI Joins Search For Linda Stoltzfoos

The FBI has now joined in on day 3 of the search for Linda Stoltzfoos. Via Lancaster Online:

The FBI has joined East Lampeter Township police as the search for a missing 18-year-old woman enters day 3, according to East Lampeter Township police.

Linda Stoltzfoos, of East Lampeter Township, was last seen in Bird-in-Hand wearing a tan dress, white apron and a white cape on Sunday after church, according police.

“We’re making a plea to Linda that if this was a case where she left on her own, that she’s not in trouble and to call (the police station) to verify that she’s OK,” public information officer Lt. Matthew Hess said.

I took this as a shred of good news:

He added that there’s been no evidence to support any foul play as of Wednesday afternoon.

Many have turned out to help look for Linda:

Hundreds of people have volunteered to help in the search, Lt. Rob Eachus said on Tuesday at the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company.

On Monday, Eachus estimated between 250 to 300 people showed up to help look, using a variety of tools like drones, horses, ATVs and regular foot patrols.

On Tuesday at noon, more than 100 volunteers had turned out.

Here’s the info on Linda’s disappearance from the original report:

East Lampeter Township Police issued the following missing person advisory:

“On Sunday 6/21/2020, Linda Stoltzfoos (18 year old / white female / 5’10” approximately 125 lbs.) failed to return home after a church service and is considered a missing person. She was last observed on a farm on Stumptown Road (Bird-In-Hand) wearing a tan dress, white apron and white cape. Anyone with information is requested to contact East Lampeter Township Police Department at 717 291-4676.”

Here’s the Facebook page for her search. WGAL news footage here. Anyone with information is asked to call the East Lampeter Township Police at 717-291-4676 OR you may submit a tip to the department’s CRIMEWATCH page.

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    1. Leslie Harris

      FBI Joins Search For Linda Stoltzfoos

      Prayers for her safe return (or her safety wherever she may be).

    2. J.O.B.

      Sometimes the FBI is called in because local officials dont have the experiance or knowledge dealing with certain crimes.

      There are things the FBI can do immediately, technology wise, that local law enforcement can’t do.

      I said a million times, many Amish youth are doing things that would surprise you. Including being involved with people they shouldnt be around.

      Its possible she ran off with someone who her parents disapproved of.

      I’m hoping its a case of “I’m 18. An adult and can do whatever I want now.” And left. But then I get concerned who she may have left with.

      Some lack real world awareness and don’t know that running off with someone can be dangerous.

      Not knowing is frustrating.

      1. I would trust the intuition and knowledge of those who know her best, her family and friends, who appear to be quite skeptical that she just ran off with no word to anyone. Though, what you say is still possible, and I hope this is a case where we end up surprised.

    3. James Gas

      Search for Linda Stoltzfoos

      The Amish are taking this very seriously. According to one family with close ties said they found her cape along the roadside. Foul play a real possibility.

      1. Jennifer Johnson


        We’ll be praying for her safe return. This world is just not our home. My heart goes out to her family. I hate that everyone assumes she just ran off. Foul play sounds like such a possibility if her cape was found that way. That poor young lady!I pray that man’s heart of whoever it is feels convicted and led to let her go! Lord, grip his heart with regret and the inability to do her any more harm!

    4. June


      I’m praying that she will be found unharmed. How terrible sad for her community. This world isn’t a very nice place and it would be easy to trust too much. That without “worldly knowledge “ there are very unworthy people who might take advantage of the Amish way of life. Prayers for a safe return and may it be soon. God be with the family too.