Romulus, New York Amish Community

We have another nice batch of photos today from Tom in NY, though I hesitated to post them at first.  Not because they are controversial, but because the weather depicted in them is so different from what I have been enjoying the past few days–a perfect 70-75 degrees and sunny as anything.  But in the end I’m hardly superstitious, so why not.

Amish Farm Romulus NY

Tom took these shots in the Romulus NY Amish settlement about a week ago.  The Romulus community (in Seneca County in New York’s Finger Lakes region) was founded in the early 1980s and according to the 2012 Raber’s Almanac guide is 4 congregations in size.

Amish Home Seneca NY

Tom says:  “This settlement is more progressive than Conewango and you can see the difference in the farms and homes.  These farms are more the post card Amish farms to see.  The conservative settlements have a more run down, unkept look to them.”

Amish School Seneca County

Looks like flowers and produce are rolling out in Seneca County, with onions and asparagus leading the charge:

Amish Onions



Amish Greenhouse New York

Peachey Produce New York
More: Find Amish-made furniture in NY & Rochester, NY.

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    1. Alice Aber

      Awesome pictures Tom, thanks for sharing!! Erik, I am glad you went ahead and posted these. I really enjoyed seeing them!! I love that area of NY state, so pretty!!

      Blessings, Alice

    2. Jane Foard Thompson

      Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

    3. Ami Moldovanyi

      Comment on Romulus, New York Amish Community

      Thank you for these wonderful photos of beautiful life! Keep sharing, I always look forward to viewing peace-filled people!

    4. Tom in ky

      Nice pictures. This past weekend I went to a community in Gravel Switch KY and spoke to a few folks. The community is brand new, the first families arrived there in September of 2011. I spoke to a few families, one being from Michigan the west central part of the state, and the others were from Northern Indiana. They also told me that some of the families were from Ohio. I believe there is only 8 families in the community at the moment, however, I noticed that some of the local farmers must have noticed as there are farms for sale all through the area. Definitely room to grow, and they are expecting some more soon

    5. Lee Ann

      Nice photos! Would love to go to NY and visit this community. Also the new community that Tom spoke of in KY! Wow! They are really moving all across the country now.

      Lucky for the Amish to have several farms up for sale for them to buy.

      Speaking of the produce, etc. Just bought strawberries at a farmers market 4 1lb. containers for $1! Loaded up and made jam this morning!

    6. Tonya Scott

      Love the pictures I wish the Amish lived in my area where I could see these kind of veiws daily I dont know why they havent setteld in my area more in the very southeast of oklahoma the dirt and farming are plentiful. Would love to have some as neighbors just the kind of people I like to be around. If you needed something to add to the table you could just walk down the road buy something and know it was fresher and better for you. Keep sharing I love to see every day what you have in store for us.

    7. Joan

      We are blessed to live about half an hour from this community. The Amish actually pretty much surround the entirely of Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region. There are so many home businesses to explore and enjoy. There are also a lot of Conservative Mennonites in the Seneca Falls area. Visiting Sauder’s Store in the town of Seneca Falls (River Road) is always a treat. In the last 25 years, this store has grown from a tiny shop to a large, modern grocery store featuring products from Lancaster County, PA…everything from Lebanon bologna to apple butter to hundreds of kinds of bulk foods, spices, books…all kinds of things. It’s like taking a mini vacation to Lancaster County. Buried in among the country roads between Ovid and Seneca Falls are many home bakeries, small grocery stores, and shops that sell leather goods and chain saws…and dozens of other home businesses. Green houses abound and I recently discovered a small “general store” going by the name of “Barb’s Quilt Shop” in the Ovid/Romulus area. Lots of things to see here without the commercialism of some of the other Amish regions.

      1. Theresa

        Joan, we are hoping to drive through Romulus on Saturday on our way home from the 1,000 Island region. Can you suggest specific routes to travel which will help us find Amish shops / homes? Thank you!

      2. Thank you!

        Thank you for making this comment! I copied what you said and now I am going to plan a trip there with my friend. It sounds wonderful!

    8. Tom-GA

      Romulus, NY Amish Community

      Lee Ann: Were the strawberries one dollar a carton or four cartons for a dollar?? Thanks

    9. Alice Mary

      Fickle Spring!

      Where are you today, Erik? Poland or the U.S.?

      I heard it snowed in various areas of the country over the past week or two. That’s April for you! It’s been cool (50’s if we’re lucky) and breezy, sometimes sunny, but rainy the past couple of days in my area. Supposed to go up into the 70’s tomorrow, but more rain predicted later in the week.

      Nice photos. I’d like to see the area in sunny weather…looks pretty and inviting.

      Interesting about that brand new KY settlement! I hope to hear more about it over the coming months/years. I wish them luck (I wish I could move to Amish territory)!

      Alice Mary

    10. Carolyn B

      Love the last photo best. The covered seating area is to die for on the left. The barn in the background looks like it has sliding doors on the 2nd floor.
      Thanks Tom for these photos. 😀

    11. Kate H.

      Hybrid settlement

      The Romulus settlement is a hybrid of Big Valley / Path Valley / Lancaster County Amish. A number of those who settled there were of a group from Path Valley PA who moved into a Lancaster County ordnung group in Montour County PA, then moved up to NY. It’s an interesting mixture of Big Valley names like Peachy and Hertzler with Lancaster County names like King, Glick, and Fisher. A bunch of them moved up from a settlement close to me, so they are considered a daughter settlement, and there is a lot of travel back and forth.


    12. Mary Heath

      Looking for an Amish Carpenter/Roofer

      I am looking for an Amish Carpenter/Roofer from the Romulus area. He recently did some work on my neighbor’s cottage in Cayuga NY and I would like to have him do some work for me. Please let me know by e-mail if anyone knows of him or anyone else from the Amish community who does this kind of work and how to contact them. Please e-mail me

    13. Dona Ruscito

      Looking for Amish Carpenters

      looking to return home…Fayette…and wanting to build house on property we own.Had Amish cabinet maker do some work for me in our old home before we went to Florida, but he has long since gone back to PA. because of his health. If anyone knows of a n Amish crew looking for some work please let me know.

    14. Ovid Romulus Amish Mennonites

      I represent a nonprofit organization that is opening a health center in Ovid, planning to serve agriculture-related communities in Ovid, Romulus, Hector, Lodi, Seneca Falls, Interlaken, etc. We’d like to promote this among the communities there, do you have any suggestions for whom I should contact and their addresses? Thank you in advance.

      – Jim Kennedy

    15. Sharon S

      I Love It!

      I shop in the Romulus and Seneca Falls Amish Community. Hollow Creek Groceries, Sauters, Lake Country Sales and another store on Munson Road off Rt. 96 W. I have had new windows and a large 2 floor garage installed by Amish. There work is impeccable and I love their nature and love of sweets 🙂 It was a pleasure having them work here and I would recommend Amish to anyone who wants a job done correctly. They are hard workers. I see you have a picture of Peachy Produce; I haven’t ventured there yet but was not too far. I had a chance of meeting Sam Peachy and his wife Naomi through a friend of ours who was their driver and got us in tune to Amish Life. Thank you for the great pictures and for keeping this site going.
      I Love Everything Amish. I respect what they believe in.

      Sharon S.♥

    16. Janice Armer

      Romulus - Community Outreach for Vaccination Requirements

      I am writing this from the Mohawk Valley Settlement. We have heard news reports that Cranberry Marsh School in Romulus is being forced to close due the new vaccination law. Is there any additional information about this available. My neighbors here will be in accord with the Romulus people.