We started the week talking Amish population–so why don’t we close doing more of the same!

First, there were a number of interesting points from the recent Young Center Amish population data that I wanted to share, but couldn’t really fit on the Amish population infographic:

  1. There are 480 Amish settlements, but most are small. Fifty-two percent of all settlements are just one district in size.
  2. There are an estimated 2,119 church districts. Ohio, with nearly 500, has the most.
  3. As is always the case, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana are together home to the lion’s share of Amish people, at 64% of the total population.
  4. Eight states have just one Amish settlement. These include Delaware, Idaho, North Carolina, and Florida.
  5. The Amish are estimated to have grown by 3% in the past year, an approximate increase of 8,400 people.

10 Facts About Amish Communities

While we’re on the subject, I recently did a guest post on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s website Amish Wisdom, called “10 Facts About Amish Communities“, which you might enjoy (you can see I don’t get tired of this topic 🙂 ). Some of them you might have read here already, others maybe not.

New Settlement in NY 

Unsurprisingly, the number of Amish settlements has also increased over the past year. According to reader Barbara Durham, one new community has been started in the area of Whitehall, New York (near the Vermont border).


Barbara writes:

Baked goods, flower nursery, and a leather repair shop are the new offerings from them to the community. I also see over on Abair Road that they have some kind of sawmill at work. They purchased 3 already built homes, which they are occupying, this included the farm-land and barns. Cows are daily enjoying the high grass of the fields and you can see their crops peeking up through the plowed fields as well.

New York remains the state with the fifth-largest Amish population, at over 16,000. The state also has the third most settlements, with 50 (trailing only Ohio and Pennsylvania).


Amish-made cheese

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