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Amish Quilt StoresA directory of Amish quilt sellers  Hand-stitched quilts capture the spirit of the Amish. Quilt making is a long-standing tradition in Amish settlements, a communal activity which brings together Amish women (and the occasional man) to craft beautifully-patterned quilts in traditional designs.  Today Amish cottage businesses thrive across America producing handcrafted quilts for sale to the public.

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Amish-made quilts have expanded beyond the simple traditional patterns such as the log cabin and center diamond,  Some Amish make quilts for an English market using non-traditional patterns, materials and stylistic flourishes, retaining elements of traditional quilting while adapting to English tastes.

The first Amish-stitched quilts were made for their own use.  They remain popular among Amish as wedding gifts, expressions of friendship or as items donated for benefit auctions and fundraisers.  Through the years, Amish quilt art has become very popular, while quilting has been a way to contribute to a family budget, by crafting and selling patchwork quilts at country gift stores, farm stands or sales.

Amish-stitched quilts are traditionally made, using both solid colors (brown, blue, rust, black, pumpkin, olive green or dark red) and simple geometric patterns.  Antique Amish quilts have become prized possessions acquired by collectors and displayed in exhibits.

A thriving Amish cottage industry continues to produce handmade quilts in a plethora of styles and designs.  Use the guide below to find an Amish quilt seller near you.

Amish Quilt Stores

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Eureka Springs Quilt Shop
2 Center Street
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Eureka Springs Quilt Shop provides Amish and Mennonite-crafted quilts among a variety of different quilt suppliers from around the world.


Ocean Quilts of Mendocino
45270 Main
Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 937-4201
Ocean Quilts of Mendocino features beautiful quilts made by different suppliers including the Amish.


Alma Sue Quilts
3667 Bahia Vista Street
Sarasota, FL 34232, United States
(941) 330-0993
Alma Sue Quilts features a broad selection of quilts, made both by Amish and non-Amish craftspeople. Quilts come in dozens of colors and patterns to choose from.  Quilting is performed in the Sarasota store, in the midst of Florida’s only Old Order Amish community.


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Woodin Wheel Antiques
515 B Avenue
Kalona, IA 52247
(319) 656-2240
Woodin Wheel Antiques was founded in the 1970s, and since that thime they’ve been selling American quilts, both old and new. Amish and Mennonite-made quilts can be found in various designs, colors and sizes.  Some Amish books and dolls available as well.


Ponderosa Sports & Mercantile
6854 Idaho 55
Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629
(208) 793-3121
Amish-stitched quilts available among other products such as carved moose and bears, home decor products and wall arts.


Rocky Mountain Quilts Shop
130 York Street
York Village, ME 03909
Rocky Mountain Quilts Shop carries Old Order Amish, Nebraska Amish, Lancaster Amish and Mennonite hand-stitched quilts, made from the finest wool or cotton materials in a broad selection of hues and patterns such as the wool bars quilt, the grandmother’s flower garden pattern, the diamond in the square Amish crib quilt, the log cabin streak of lightning, center square and more.


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Amish Country Co-Op Farmer’s Market
43368 County Road 23
Bertha, MN 56437
(218) 924-2520
Amish Country Co-Op Farmer’s Market offers handcrafted quilts made by Amish from Todd County, Minnesota, home to five different Old Order Amish settlements.

Village Depot
90 2nd Street Northeast
Harmony, MN 55939
(507) 886-2409
Village Depot carries a big selection of Amish-made products such as quilts, furniture, baskets, foods, gifts, and collectibles. Each item of their wall hangings, quilts, and table runners are hand-stitched from the finest materials by local Amish women from the Gopher State’s largest Amish community (vicinity of Harmony in Fillmore County).


Quilt Keeper
200 Parkhill Drive
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 863-2737
Northwestern Montana’s Quilt Keeper provides a range of products such as accessories, home decor products, contemporary and traditional quilt designs, wall hangings, pillows, outdoor and indoor furniture and much more. Amish double wedding ring or raffle style quilts, both hand-pieced and hand-quilted, are available, made by the Amish of Dundee, Ohio (Holmes County Old Order Amish settlement).

New York

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Buckboard Antiques & Quilts
12101 North MacArthur Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73162
(405) 751-3885
Antique quilts, vintage quilts, quilt tops and blocks, crib quilts, doll quilts, rugs and more. A handful of Ohio Amish-made quilts available.


Black Buggy Furniture
74447 Larson Rd
Rainier, OR 97048
Black Buggy Furniture specializes in Amish-crafted furniture for every room in the house. Their showroom also features Amish-made items such as quilts, lamps, food and knickknacks.


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The Back to the Land Store
545 Salmon Branch Rd
Erin, TN 37061
(931) 764-0034
The Back to the Land Store carries a range of products made both by Amish and non-Amish craftsmen. Amish-stitched quilts come in a nice choice of patterns such as the broken star, double wedding ring, feathered star, or radiant star. A variety of quilt colors such as maroon, burgundy, navy, white, black or brown are available.

Plain and Simple Quilts
Sharon Fedders
4111 Highway 43N
Ethridge, TN 38456
(931) 840-5522
Plain and Simple Quilts features a vast array of Tennessee Amish-crafted appliqué quilts, traditional, whole cloth quilts and quilt tops. Amish-made quilts come in common styles and solid colors.


Amish Quilt Connection
2219 Fawn Mist
San Antonio, TX 78248
(210) 492-3882
The Amish Quilt Connection offers hand-stitched quilts by Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana Amish women.


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Note: Please confirm business hours of Amish quilt dealers listed in this guide. Business locations and availability can change. Amish-owned businesses will always be closed on Sundays.  However, non-Amish quilt dealers may be open. Not responsible for changes to the above information.
Quilt photo: devaburger/flickr

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    2. Mark - Holmes Co.

      Check out Lehman’s Hardware in Kidron, OH. They have a website. I’m pretty sure I have seen feather mattress toppers for sale there. It won’t be a whole feather mattress, but a feather-top to put over top of a regular mattress.

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      amish quilters

      I love to sew and I am looking for experienced hand quilters to quilt my quilt tops. Good pay.