Delaware Amish buggy

Rick shares a pair of photos from a Dover, Delaware Amish auction.  This first shot gives you an idea of what legroom is like in the back of a buggy.  Anyone ridden in something like this before?  Not too roomy.

Rick also notes that the Dover buggies have a whip holder at the front, creating an unusual “antenna” look, which you’ll notice in the picture below.  Or could it be those actually are antennas, designed to look like whips?  Hmmm.  Amish are pretty innovative, you know.

Going price for one of these Amish carriages?  New ones are apparently around $7000;  used ones around two grand.

In addition to buggy makers, the Dover community has a fair share of entrepreneurs, including dry goods shops, builders, and woodworkers (read more on Amish furniture in Delaware).

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    1. This reminds me of old Dan Troyer (who just recently passed away) who hooked his whip (fixed to his buggy, something like the above picture) up to a gas pedal in his buggy, so that when he hit the gas pedal, it would swing the whip forward and things would speed up. 🙂
      He also tried replacing the spokes on his buggy with springs, for a cushioned ride. His only problem was the side-to-side movement that the springs allowed. He hadn’t thought of that.
      He went back to spokes.
      Great inventions rarely come without a myriad of brilliant ideas that simply don’t work. 🙂

    2. Katie Troyer

      Those were the type of buggys in Aylmer Ontario. The backside is reserved for children that don’t need leg space and maybe one or two adults at the most. I love the explanation of the whips!

    3. magdalena

      The back seat of the buggy reminds of some old box pews in anglican churches. Sit up straight and keep still!

    4. I’ve sat in the back and the front in a number of buggies, and I still haven’t found one with the roomy legroom factory option installed. I do wonder about how some of these bulkier farmer guys manage!

    5. Patch Dweller

      I always wondered what they had in the back. I figured they all sat on the floor.

      1. Laura

        The Men ride in the front or walk. You realry see a grown man in the back. Kids mostly maybe a mother and her teenage daughters. Men and teens will be in the front or walking.