Police Seek Man Who Attempted To Lure Amish Children Into Car (New York)


(WHAM) – New York State Police are asking for help to find a man suspected of trying to lure children off of an Amish buggy in Seneca County.

Investigators said they were contacted after a man driving down Dublin Road in Junius approached a buggy that was carrying several children. The man reportedly tried to lure the children into his car by offering to give them a ride.

Once the man saw an adult was on the buggy with the children, he fled the scene, according to police.

Troopers described the man as an older heavyset white man who was driving a dark older model Chevrolet Impala or Malibu with round taillights.

Anyone with information should call New York State Police at (315) 539-9238 and ask for Investigator Anthony DeMarco or Trooper David McMillan.

This isn’t the first such incident involving Amish children in New York state. This summer, a suspicious couple attempted to lure an Amish girl into their car at a farm in St. Lawrence County. In 2014, two girls were abducted in the same community.

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    1. Leslie Harris

      Police Seek Man Who Attempted To Lure Amish Children Into Car (New York)


    2. Aj

      Incidents like this should remind us once again, that the English culture is not without its own criminals. No one should judge all Amish for the acts of a few, just like people shouldn’t judge all English because of the acts of this person. I feel like I have to highlight this fact, because whenever any Amish is arrested for sexual abuse or criminal behaviors, the media and many people highlight the role of that person’s Amish background as though him/her being Amish is the root cause of their bad acts.