Amish Rocking Chairs

blue amish rockers

The front porch is a great place to spend an afternoon, especially with cool spring days ahead.

The key, of course, is having a good place to park your rear end.  I think these blue rockers do the trick.  From the Hardin County, Kentucky Amish settlement.

More on Kentucky Amish furniture.

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    1. Richard (

      Ive always loved hickory rockers myself, although the blue rockers in the picture look comfortable, id add a pillow with a glass of ice tea and ill be set pretty much for the whole day. Richard from Penn.

    2. BethR

      I think Richard and I think a lot alike! 🙂 Those rockers are adorable.

    3. Christine

      Blue rockers

      Make that a pillow and sweet tea, please! 🙂

    4. Robin Wyatt

      Pillow and Lemonade lol and need a front porch

    5. Alice Mary

      "Therapy Chairs"

      Yep, “therapy chairs” is what I call ’em! The rocking motion is soothing (physically and mentally—that’s why we “rock” babies to sleep—often on rockers!), and although you’re still “sitting”, you’re using more muscles and expending more calories than if you were “just” sitting. In my opinion, if we had more rockers, we’d all be a happier bunch (as a society). Add a peaceful, natural setting (as most Amish “homesteads” seem to be), and you can probably chuck the antidepressants, too!

      Alice Mary

    6. Suzanna

      Definitely rocker, pillow, and an Iced Tea, but I would have to go one step further and say also a good book in hand. That would make it perfect. :0)

    7. Comfortable Amish rockers

      Alice Mary, “therapy chairs” has got it right–I do enjoy a nice rocker. The ones in this photo are of a classic design–not as comfortable as the contoured hickory rockers many Amish have, but I wouldn’t complain. Richard may be right about the pillow though.

      A hickory rocker, if you’ve never had a chance to sit in one, is surprisingly comfortable. I guess it’s the good craftsmanship and fitting the wood to the curves of the body. Some Amish also make a “wide-load” version with an extra large seat.

      I took this photo in a Swartzentruber Amish community; you often see doors and other items painted blue in the plainer Amish communities. I’ve yet to see a blue hickory rocker, though.

    8. lanore

      Love my Amish made rocker we picked up in Lancaster 2 yrs ago now. Very comfy!! Mines white though…lol

    9. Christina

      They almost have a Shaker kind of look to them, just thicker. That probably doesn’t make sense, but that’s the only way I can describe it. Anyway, love rocking chairs and I agree with what everyone else said….perfect with a pillow and a glass of nice cold sweet tea (or meadow tea!)

    10. Tom

      I am in the market for some nice rocking chairs. However, my wife is wanting a porch swing so I guess I need to get that first.

    11. Richard (

      If your smart Tom, you will go with the porch swing,lol. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish community

    12. Alice Aber

      I’ve been looking at rockers recently. Just love them. I really enjoy having my early morning coffee on the porch in the spring and summer and watch the world wake up. For me it starts the day off right. I am out there about 4:15am. The birds start their first chirping around 4:30am as the sun just starts to peek over the horizon. What a way to start the day!!

      Blessings, Alice

    13. Al in Ky.

      Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’ve driven through the community
      in Hardin County, Ky., many times but never noticed the blue
      rockers. I probably drove right by them and didn’t notice! It’s
      not a large community and next time I drive through there I’m going
      to try to find the blue rockers.

    14. Hardin County KY Amish

      Al, there might be others as well, I need to take another look at my photos. May need to even do a “10 views of Hardin County” post perhaps…these were way back down a lane…if you see a sign for a tarp shop, you are on the right path 🙂

      As you probably know Al this is quite a small community, there were a number of businesses though. I stopped for produce, I recall a horseshoer and some smaller-scale type businesses. Beautiful sparsely-populated country in Hardin County, or at least that part of it.

    15. Early bird!

      Alice, do you have some cows to milk that we don’t know about…? 4:15 am?! That’s impressive, Amish farmer time. I do like getting up and at ’em but that’s a tad on the early side for me (however in Poland at the peak of summer sun starts coming up at 3:30am, which is still surreal to see).

    16. Alice Aber

      Early bird!

      Hey Erik,

      No cows, LOL. I just like getting up early in the warmer months. We can get pretty hot and humid here in the summer so I like to get my work done early. My neighbors might not like it though, I am usually pushing the lawn mower about 6am, LOL. Luckily I do not have anyone on either side of me to wake up. I suppose if I did I would have to re-adjust my times a bit.

      The first hour or so is my time. Its quiet, I can reflect, pray and get motivated for the day. Then take care of the cats and dog. By then it is time to get busy with yard work. Get it out of the way before the heat of the day. 🙂 As it starts to warm up, I move inside to work. Usually need a nap in the afternoon but that’s OK too, LOL.

      My body seems to do this naturally. I have never set an alarm clock in my life. Right now I am waking up at 5am but each week gets a little earlier and earlier so it won’t be long and the 4:15am body alarm will be going off, LOL.

      Blessings, Alice

    17. Richard (

      You mowing the grass at 6am Alice, someone may have to get their lawn mowers gas misplaced if i lived next to you,lol. I’m too busy to steal it myself, id pay someone to do it. I’m just trying to do my patriotic part in getting America moving again. Richard from Pennsylvania

    18. Alice Aber

      Like I said Richard, if I had neighbors next to me I would have to adjust my time,,, but I don’t. But the city workers are out at 7am making all kinds of noise so, I would only push it back to 7am, LOL.

      I’ll remember if I ever live near you to hide my gas can really well, LOL.

      Blessings, Alice

    19. Richard (

      No hiding necessary Alice, the solution for you would be a battery operated lawn mower, problem solved. And on your mower a special beer aroma machine would be mounted to give the neighborhood that delicious beer smell. solving problems is what i do,Now if i only had room for that peanut dispenser. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish community.

    20. Alice Aber

      No, no, no Richard. No beer aroma machines on my mower, can’t stand the smell of beer and I don’t drink so won’t promote it. I think the solution is you just get your sweet self out of bed a little earlier, LOL.

      Love ya my friend!!

    21. Richard (

      Alright Alice, you win, you will just have to move Dont worry ill help you move now, what kind of a guy do you think i am,lol. Richard from Lebanon countys Amish settlement

    22. Richard (

      Alright Alice, you win, you will just have to move Dont worry ill help you move now, what kind of a guy do you think i am,lol. Richard from Lebanon,Pa

    23. Richard (

      Wow, how did that happen, 2 of my post. I think im in heaven,lol. Richard from Penn

    24. Alice Aber

      Ahhhh,, Richard what a sweet guy you are. I live in Illinois so I guess you are saying you will help me to move out there with you, LOL. See, I knew you loved me, LOL 😉

      Oh, and I believe you think you are in heaven cause you are moving me out there, LOL.

      Love ya!

    25. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Blue Amish Rockers? It should be a music act made up of Amish Musicians, or musicians dressed Amish. I think.

    26. Shom, it’s clearly the name of a slightly-depressed Plain band 🙂

    27. Alice, your schedule is impressive 🙂 Where I live, quiet hours end at 6am, so you are well within your rights to let rip with the mower! I sleep with earplugs myself, so am usually protected from the earliest birds.

    28. Alice Aber

      Erik, that is my summer schedule. In the winter I am like most animals and try to either hibernate or at the very least sleep in late, (6:30 or 7am), LOL. Even on occasion until 8am eeee-gads, now I am sounding lazy, LOL. Just kidding about sounding lazy. I just tend to function better earlier in the morning, especially with the fibromyalgia. Seems the longer the day goes on the worse I feel and it does not matter if I get up at 4am or 10 am, so I might as well get the early start and get my work done. 🙂

    29. Lindsay

      I’m with Alice…I get up at 4:30 on Saturdays in the summer (got to get up before it gets too hot when training for the marathon) and it’s wonderful…it’s like having the whole world to yourself. A nice big cup of coffee and a couple chocolate donuts makes my entire day 🙂

    30. I definitely agree Alice, I do function better in the morning. Lindsay are you training for a marathon? They just ran the Krakow marathon this past weekend. I watched this time. I’m still not sure which is more fun 🙂

    31. Carolyn K

      I would like the porch and the rockers, please! Most homes built around here now don’t include a nice wide porch.

    32. Carolyn B

      Like Shom’s idea for an Amish band. Blue – no depression, just mellow and peaceful.
      Erik, thanks for posting these older blogs on Facebook so newer faces like myself can enjoy the history of Amish America community.

      1. Carolyn, my pleasure–in addition to the latest posts I try to share a few of these old ones periodically. It’s really nice to hear you found that useful 🙂

    33. Victoria Lynn

      I just bought some of these beautiful rockers, but Can I put these outside on my porch, it does have a roof over it.
      And should they be brought in during the winter? Thanks,