Amish playing dirty

With the NBA finals ongoing, I couldn’t resist sharing one more photo—of an oddly-placed hoop in the Amish settlement at Holmes County.

Most basketball goals you see outside Amish homes are in places a bit more conducive to a pick-up game, like this one.

But I don’t know, I kind of like the idea of a barnyard hoop.  Whoever does the laundry probably doesn’t though.

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    1. Greg Stutzman

      Back when I was enrolled at Berlin Grade School in the 60’s many Amish barns had a full basketball court upstairs between the hay mows. (two opposing hoops) If you have never played full court basketball with Amish boys you really cannot appreciate the tenacity of their play and their will to win. Elbows will fly and the rules were “call your own fouls”, although only a sissy would do that for any infraction short of a massive blow. Dribbling a basketball on uneven barn planks while dodging the defender and the rough hewn support beams which are as big around as a tree, will make a talented ball handler out of any young boy in Holmes County.

    2. Linda

      Good morning. Love all your photos. I am hoping sometime you will be avle to sebd some photos taken in Lancaster Pennsylvania, more familiar with that area. Thanks

    3. Greg, appreciate your inside take. No doubt those were some serious games. I didn’t quite get what the hoops consisted of though?

      Linda I do have many from Lancaster PA, if you go back a few posts you will find them, or search “Lancaster” in the search box on the left side of the blog.

    4. Heather H :) :) :)

      I head of your blog via Suzanne Woods Fisher’s radio show “Amish Wisdom” and her blog of the same name 🙂 🙂 It hink this is interesting. Basketball is fun. I’m in quadry about the location of this one…LOL 🙂 🙂 It must be more fun to play basketball here??? LOL This is great. Thanks for posting these photos of a very beautiful side of our country 🙂 🙂 🙂

    5. Kim

      Oddly-placed is right. Ugh! 🙂

      Great photos overall. Thanks for sharing them.

    6. Ick – but I’m sure they don’t care. Any time there’s a hoop (or a trash can, or a target, or…) there’s sure to be somebody taking shots. Looks like you won’t have far to go to chase the ball if it rolls. ha ha

    7. Kim, Heather, thank you. Glad you like them. Beth that is one plus. I also wonder how much use the hoop gets these days.