Bruce Stambaugh describes peak season at the vacation/retirement community at Amish Pinecraft, in Sarasota, Florida:

The atmosphere was part family reunion, part auction crowd. Some came to meet and greet. Most were there to watch. Men with white beards and denim pants with suspenders and women in pastel dresses and lacy white coverings predominated the scene. A few children in straw hats and long, plain dresses held tight to a parent’s hand. This entertainment was too lame for teenagers. Many of them were already at the beach.

The bus did pull in right on time opposite the tiny, stuccoed Pinecraft post office, and the anticipation grew as the assembled crowd waited for the bus’ door to open. It was as if Elvis himself would bebop his way down the bus’ steps…

Read the rest of Bruce’s post “When the bus comes in, the fun begins“.

If you visit the Sarasota area and the Pinecraft community, there is quite a bit to do. Read more on local newspaper the Pinecraft Pauper, find Amish restaurants in Florida, or view listings of Amish furniture stores in Florida.


Amish-made cheese

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