Nebraska Amish buggy

Nebraska Amish buggy

Nebraska Amish buggies are among the simplest.  In the photo you can notice the lack of a back window, the open front, and roll-up canvas sides.  The back canvas can also be opened and rolled up to let a nice breeze through.  The hook which you can see jutting out on the right (just above the mountain line) holds a small lamp for night visibility.

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    1. I have never seen a buggy like this. It is indeed very simple.

    2. This is very similar to the buggies around southern Indiana except for the color and the slow moving vehicle sign. Our Amish all have black buggies (I’ve never seen one another color) and they refuse to use the triangular slow moving vehicle signs. Ours do use the little lamps, but let me tell you that at night they do very little to make the black buggies show up.