It’s Friday, and a good day to clear the deck.  Here are some news bits, updates, and mental flotsam from Amish America-land:

  • Comments are now enabled on all Amish Online Encyclopedia entries.   I held off on this earlier as I was figuring out the format.  But no longer.  Looking forward to hearing from you on AOE.
  • We’ve got at least 4 more book giveaways lined up as of right now (plus interviews).  I’ve let the cat out of the bag already on 2 of these (as you can see in the sidebar-Sherry Gore’s Taste of Pinecraft, and Donald Kraybill’s Concise Encyclopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites), the rest will remain a surprise at this point.
  • I’m currently working on the Amish State Guide entry for Wisconsin Amish, but beyond that haven’t planned the next one.  Thought I’d ask  for suggestions?   Right now we’ve got 22 entries to go, so at a pace of one per week or so, it will take the next 4-5 months to complete.  But if there is a state you’d like to see sooner than later, you have a chance to sway me.  Just leave it in the comments–I’ll choose the next state from the choices you share.
  • Back to book giveaways for a sec–I’ve only received 6 out of the 10 Amish Way winners’ addresses to send books.  And, Tracy Beard, winner of the New York Amish book contest last month, we haven’t heard from you either.  We want to get your books to you!   So let us know how with an email to
  • This week I was contacted by two production companies looking to film Amish-themed programs, one in Los Angeles, the second in Norway.  I get these inquiries fairly frequently, sometimes from odd places.  The only thing that comes to mind: when TV production companies from Norway come calling, does that signify a peak in interest in the Amish?  Or is Trinidad and Tobago a better indicator?
  • My Amish business book continues to tromp onward.  I gave a few talks in Tennessee and Kentucky last month and a number of interviews.  Next month will see three significant media pieces, one coming out in a major Italian magazine and a couple state side.  Publishing and promoting a book has been quite a learning experience and one I feel very fortunate to have had a shot at.  A hefty thanks to everyone who has picked it up or helped spread the word!
  • I just got word that my Polish Amish book is due to release (finally) before Christmas.  This will be the first book on the Amish in the Polish language.  So I’m pretty happy it is coming out after a good 2.5 years.  I’ve dedicated it to my Polish grandmother, which she doesn’t know about yet, and won’t, since she doesn’t have internet at home, therefore has no chance to read this blog (and even if she did, speaks no English).  Envisioning giving her a copy is probably about the most exciting thing I can think of right now.
  • I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to post this photo.  It’s one I found on Flickr.  I suppose you could make a whole range of comments on it.   A “Nebraska Amish” family’s trip to the zoo:

amish zoo

Photo: Jill/Blue Moonbeam Studio

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