My Thoughts On The Runaway Buggy Story (Video)

Here’s the video version of the recent post on the “driverless” Amish buggy incident in New York. If you missed that one, you can read it here. In the video I elaborate on some thoughts from that post, and share some footage from the WWNY news report.

I did this video in a bit different style than the norm. It’s mainly me talking to you in front of the computer. I do add Amish images, but a lot fewer than in most of my videos lately. Since the image-heavy videos take a long time to produce, this lets me put a video out faster and potentially make longer videos.

Exhausted horse after running for 10 miles (Wayne County, OH, 2017). It apparently recovered following the incident

In the video I ask what you think of this type of “less-produced” video. I also touch on buggy safety, Amish & tech, and several other runaway buggy incidents. Runtime: 9:21.

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    1. Lorna Klotzbach

      Response to "Driverless Amish Buggy"

      Thanks for the stories. Of course, pictures always make a story more interesting, which is always a difficult thing to provide with Amish people as the characters in the stories. One suggestion for you: Put your camera on a stack of books so that we are not looking up your nose, but, rather, into your eyes. That adjustment would make it resemble an actual conversation and not be so … er, ah…unattractive. We had a single Percheron, Amish-trained, run away with his forecart once. He was tied to a huge tree stump while my brother pulled a felled tree out of a hedgerow. Barney decided that he didn’t like that big thing moving behind him, so he took off… He broke off the root we had looped his rope around…His “take off” consisted of a fast walk, and then, his not-record-breaking trot. He went down the lane, turned right on to the road, stayed in his lane, and trotted off for home. He was caught before the intersection, even though he would have had the right-a-way. All’s well that ends well.

    2. Driverless buggy

      This is interesting. This past Christmas we have a farm in Gouverneur Ny not far from Watertown Ny , we were up the week of Christmas and new years , I had left a Stewart’s gas station and was at a stop sign to come out into two way traffic and I look in my rear view and behind me at a short distance I see a buggy coming from the hardware store when I was able to go all of a sudden the buggy comes out behind me fast then cuts me off so it could make a right turn almost clipped my front end I had to jam brakes and when the buggy did a hard turn it clipped a small suv sitting at that stop sign and kept going. Naturally I came back around the block to check on the older gentleman who was checking the damage to his car with another man that saw the whole thing even me jam brakes and he said there isn’t anyone in that buggy, I said I knew cause it almost clipped me. It was scary and strange cause the horse and buggy was gone out of sight by this point. I thought about the ones that were in the hardware store,came out and buggy was gone. The horse took the one turn so sharp the buggy was leaning on it’s one wheel.As I always say, beware of your surroundings always.