My Amish Travel Schedule (Jan-Feb 2020)

amish population sizeI’ll be visiting Amish communities again over the next couple of weeks.

Two of these are places I visited in the autumn, one is a community I last visited ten years ago (Ethridge), and two will be completely new for me.

Jan. 30: Ethridge, TN

Jan 31: Pontotoc County, MS

Feb 1: Ellenboro, NC

Feb 5-7: Holmes County, OH

Feb 8: Pearisburg, VA

This is somewhat flexible – dates might shift a bit, and a community or two might be added/dropped, but this is the general plan. I’m on my way to Ethridge today as I write this. If you have anything I should know about these places, happy to hear it.

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    1. Martha Davison


      I’m so glad you are going to get to come to Lawrence County. It’s been raining here quite a bit lately, but the weekend is supposed to be nice. I wanted you to be aware of a large Amish auction that is going to be held this Saturday, Feb.1. I’m not sure if you are staying that long, but you might enjoy it. This is not the Plow Boy auction, but an Amish farm auction I believe, being held at that farm on Buffalo Road. There are signs about it scattered up and down Hwy 43. The listing in the local paper was quite extensive.

      Best wishes for a fabulous trip to Ethridge.


      1. Thank you Martha! Unfortunately it’s just a visit for the afternoon, would love to visit that auction. Though, there is a shot I might be able to swing by for a bit on my way back to NC. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    2. Anita

      Visit Samuel the Farrier

      While in Ethridge, perhaps you can visit our farrier. Really nice man and very good with horses. Samuel Stutzmann. We drive 1.5 hour to have him trim our Percheron draft horse mare. You should come back and visit when the produce auctions start up again in May.

      1. I’ll keep an eye out Anita – do you have an address for Samuel handy by any chance?

    3. Karin Ekanger Green, Ed.D.

      Missouri Amish

      Hello, We recently retired on the farm where my husband grew up and now live among an Amish community outside of a small town called Bowling Green, MO. There are about 80+ families who do not use electricity or modern conveniences. You should visit this area sometime!

      Thanks for your website. I enjoy reading your articles.

      Karin Green, EdD

      1. Thanks Karin! I have been hearing about Bowling Green for years now, seems like a nice place. Is there an Amish beekeeper that you know of there?

    4. Mark


      Eric, enjoy your travels. I enjoy your site. We have an Amish community up here in East Jordan MI. It is relatively new in the last few years. They have a bakery, a country store and a sawmill. I frequent the bakery quite often in the summer. It is closed in the winter. I am not sure how large the community is but one Sunday I passed one of their homes on my way to church and saw about 10 to 12 carriages there. Thanks for all the insights on the Amish. Mark

      1. Thanks Mark! Sounds like a nice community there. Would you happen to know which other communities they are connected to or visit with?

        1. Mark

          Eric, I do not know where they came from or who they visit.


    5. Barbara Hamby

      Pontotoc Visit

      I see that you will be visiting not far from me. I live about one hour from Pontotoc. Just be careful of the road leading to the Amish community as there has been quiet a few accidents involving the Amith. I have never been there but i know that they have alot of home made stuff there. I hope you enjoy your time there.

      1. Thanks Barbara, we had a great visit yesterday. I heard something about those accidents, I can see how that road would be dangerous. Did you see the small side path that cuts through the area in front of the large lumber yard by the Randolph gas station? I heard that was built for the Amish so they wouldn’t have to use the highway on that dangerous stretch. I met several friendly people there and picked up a few bags of peanut brittle:)

        1. Barbara Hamby

          Pontotoc Visit

          Erik….i have never actually been out there to the Amish community myself. the only place i have actually seen the Amish in Pontotoc is at the bus stop that they have there in town at the intersection of Hwy 9 and the old Hwy 6. I do know of the community because of friends that go up there to buy things from them but have never been out there myself. There is also a very small group that is near Aberdeen, Mississippi, but i dont know much about them. I have just sent them out and about. I do know also know that back in the early 1900 there was a group not far from Aberdeen in a community called Gibson, as there is a cemetery there. There must have been some kind of sickness there as alot of them died between 1900 and 1905. I would sure like to know more about them.

          1. Gotcha Barbara. It is worth a visit if you ever find yourself out that way. I plan to do a post fairly soon on the community and visit last week, so stay tuned.

            I am not aware of any other Amish community in the state, as far as I know it’s been just this one at Pontotoc for years. Would the Aberdeen people be something very new, or possibly not Old Order Amish but someone related, like a Beachy Amish or Mennonite church?

    6. Janette


      Swing through Kent county!

    7. Nicholas

      Anabaptist Identity Conference in Holmes Co. This Year

      Ah, too bad you won’t be going through Holmes Co. in late March. I have heard that the Anabaptist Identity Conference (AIC) is to be held 19-21 March, but I don’t know if those dates are official. The folks who organize it told me at the conclusion of last year’s conference it is to be held in Holmes Co. this year. Maybe you can make a return trip.

      1. I’ve been curious to attend that one. Unfortunately if those are the dates I think it won’t align this year…thanks for the heads-up though.

    8. Robert

      Holmes Co - Holmes Wheel Shop

      7969 Co Hwy 189, Holmesville, OH 44633

      6 miles N of Millersburg, OH

      Highly recommended. Avoid lunch time. Work stops, generator turned off, lights go out.

      1. Thanks for the idea Robert. I haven’t been up in the Holmesville area in awhile.

    9. Jody

      Favorite Amish Area?

      What is your favorite Amish area? I’m in Michigan, and I’ve been to Berlin/Millersburg OH a few times and Shipshewana, IN probably a half dozen times. (Sometimes, I think I go there just to shop!) I also went to Lancaster, PA once. I think I’d like visit another area, but I can’t seem to find any place that has a large area. I find it fascinating how the different churches and different areas have the same basic beliefs but very widely in others. For example, there are bicycles all over Shipshewana, but in Ohio, it’s felt that bicycles allow people to get too far from home. (At least, I think those are the regions with those beliefs.)

      I’ve been to Centerville, but outside of one store, I couldn’t find anything else. I welcome any suggestions you might have.

      I hope you enjoyed your trip!