Mount Pleasant, Michigan Amish auction

Amish buggy auction

Rustic Russ reports on the Yoder Horse and Carriage Auction in Mount Pleasant, MI.  Russ has a nice site with a number of Michigan Amish posts and photos.

Furniture is among the many items sold at Amish auctions; woodworking has become a chief industry among Amish, many of whom have opened small businesses in recent years. Read more on Amish woodcraft in the state: Amish Furniture-Michigan.

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    1. Rose Goddard

      This is great, actually I didn’t know there were Amish in Mount Pleasant, Mich.. I am only an hour and a half from Mount Pleasant and I can drive there easy and back home in the same day…

      Actually I may have seen there signs that there were Amish there, but, maybe didn’t pay much attention at that time…

      Thank you for this posting as this is much closer to home for me.. 🙂

    2. Stan53

      I am so glad I stumbled across this blog. Please do keep blogging. My daughter, 5 years old, loves this site and so do I. God bless!

    3. Thanks Rose, and thanks too Stan, she might be the site’s youngest reader!

    4. Emele

      It’s not in Mount Pleasant, though. It’s actually in Clare, which is a town over. I’ve been to this auction and live in Mt.Pleasant. The people are lovely. I picked up a wonderful cookbook from the Lakeview and Six Lakes Amish ladies churchgroup that is just invaluable. Along with some delicious cookie bars!

    5. Hi Emele ~ Yes, the Yoder Amish quilt auction is in Clare. However the horse and carriage auction, which is on different weekends, has been held at the Isabella County Fair the last couple years. I’m not sure for 2010. Both events used to be in Clare at the Yoder farm.

      Sherry ~ Wife of Rustic Russ

    6. ann

      i would like to know when the auction will be held for 2010 in Mt Pleasant, MI. Thanks.

    7. Linda Baker

      I would like to know when the aution is in Mt.Pleasant, Mi.
      this year. Thanks

    8. Taylor

      You can find when the yoders auction in Mt. Pleasent will be held by going to this site:

    9. Renae

      Horse auctions

      Are the any driving horse auctions (Standardbreds)here in Michigan that the Amish attend? If so where is it and when is it?

    10. 2012 Auctions??

      Where can one get a list of the auction dates for Mt. Pleasent and Clare MI in 2012? Thanks-

      1. Kevin Lindsey

        Robert, The auction this year is on May 18-19. I have bookmarked the website for Clare County’s visitor guide. They list it every year. The site can be found at


        1. Link Appreciated.

          Thank you Kevin. I have noted the link.

    11. Nancee


      I’ve been wondering where to find info regarding the Amish auction in Clare. Thanks for posting a website, Kevin!

    12. Kevin Lindsey
    13. Marc Dimmig

      Looking for a Farrier

      Im in Freeland Michigan and looking for a Farrier to help me with my Clydesdale. Any help would be great!! Thanks