Saline, Illinois Amish

amish buggy wheel
A moving-day shot from the Saline, Illinois community mentioned yesterday, taken by Pamela Kay Schmalenberger of The Southern newspaper.

One of the Amishmen commented that he hopes they can ‘blend in here without being too much of a nuisance to anybody’, and expects to enjoy the warmer weather.

In recent years Amish have established many new communities, in places such as Colorado, Maine, and Montana.  The Saline community is one of about 20 in Illinois. 

In addition to farming, Amish in Illinois and other states often establish small businesses, including small shops, construction companies, and woodworking shops (read more about Amish furniture in Illinois).

As of 2010, Amish live in 28 states and Canada.

Illinois Amish State guide

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    1. Michelle Davidson

      Looking for contractor

      My sister and I am looking for some work done on pur home we are needing some support beams put under house and a fence put up we live in galitan county we are wanting the amish to do this can you plz let me know if I can get this done