The Amish in Minnesota: 2024 Guide (23 Communities)

Minnesota‘s 23 Amish settlements are clustered in two general regions: the southeast corner of the state, and the central-northwest. Amish first settled in the North Star State in the late 1800s, forming two short-lived communities. Like other Midwestern states, Minnesota has steadily attracted new Amish settlement over the past several decades. As of 2024, over 5,000 Amish live in Minnesota.

Since 2007, Fertile, Minnesota (Norman County) has been home to a small Amish settlement.

Minnesota Amish Communities:

  • Harmony – The Harmony/Canton area of Fillmore County is home to Minnesota’s largest Amish settlement, with six church districts and over 700 people. Two more Amish communities are found in Fillmore County
  • Todd County – Five separate Amish settlements are found in Todd County in central Minnesota
  • Other MN Amish communities – Wadena, the oldest Minnesota Amish community, was founded in 1972. Other settlements can be found in Winona County, Mille Lacs County, Otter Tail County, and others. Amish live in nearly two dozen distinct locations in the state.


The Harmony Amish community (are of Harmony and Canton) was founded by Swartzentruber Amish from Wayne County, Ohio, who began settling in this corner of Fillmore County in 1974. Like other Swartzentruber Amish, this conservative group uses only limited technology in their homes, businesses, and buggies.

amish minnesota
Buggy traffic on a stretch of road near Harmony, Minnesota.  No turn signals

The Amish of Harmony make a living by farming, working construction jobs, and like Swartzentruber counterparts in the Ethridge, Tennessee Amish settlement, various communities Ohio, and numerous other states, by operating low-tech businesses. Basket, furniture, and quilt-making are popular here. Jams, rugs, quilts, baked goods, and cashew crunch are among the items available for sale at local Amish homes.

The Harmony Amish community is the largest in Minnesota, at six church districts, and currently the third-oldest settlement in the state. However, this settlement has seen a decline in size over the past decade-plus (in 2010, the community numbered over 1,000 Amish; representing a loss of around 300 people).

As in other sizeable settlements, a small tourism industry has developed here. In addition to the businesses the Amish themselves run, visitors to the area are catered to by tour companies which visit Amish farms and merchants and provide information on the community and Amish way of life.

Another Fillmore County settlement is found not far from Harmony, at Granger in the southern end of the county. Granger’s southern border is formed by the Minnesota-Iowa state line; its “twin village” of Florenceville, Iowa lying just across the line.

The Amish settlement here actually spills over the state line, with families living on the Iowa side of the border. At over 400 people, the Granger settlement is one of the larger communities in the state. A third settlement was founded in the county in 2019 at Spring Valley.

Fillmore County Road 1 has seen multiple buggy accidents in recent years.

Notably, several Amish families in Fillmore County have been involved in a widely-publicized dispute over “graywater” disposal, which in 2021 made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Todd County

It’s not unusual to find one area being home to a large number of separate Amish groups. Amish belonging to different affiliations – either more conservative or more liberal – are nonetheless attracted to settle in areas where other Amish already live.

They may be attracted to a given locale for similar reasons – low land prices, or absence of tourism, for instance. Amish moving to an area where Amish already live know that locals are likely to be used to the presence of Amish. Close contact with other Amish groups, even those more progressive or conservative, can help ease the move to a new area, with new arrivals benefiting from advice or by patronizing established businesses, such as buggy makers or plain clothing retailers.

minnesota amish home
A conservative Amish home in Minnesota

Examples of areas where multiple groups have settled include the Amish communities of Clark County, Wisconsin, and the heavily-Amish Mohawk Valley in New York. Todd County in central Minnesota is another such place, today home to five separate Amish settlements.

The first Amish arrived in Todd County in 1973, settling near the village of Bertha. In 1995, another settlement was established at Long Prairie, with a further two communities arising in the early 2000s, at Clarissa/ Browerville, and another near Bertha. Amish continued to arrive in Todd County, with the most recent settlement established at Eagle Bend in 2007.

In 2005, a rare polio outbreak occurred among Amish at the Long Prairie settlement, bringing attention to the reluctance of some Amish to undergo vaccination. Today, Todd County has the largest Amish population of any Minnesota county, and is home to around 1,500 Amish people.

Other Minnesota Amish communities

In addition to the above, a number of other noteworthy settlements exist in the North Star State. The oldest Minnesota Amish community, near Wadena in Wadena County, was founded in 1972, and is home to two Amish churches today. The second-largest settlement in the state lies in Winona County in the area of Utica and St. Charles. Founded in 1975, over 600 Amish live there today.

amish market minnesota
A massive sign advertises an Amish market near St. Charles, Minnesota

Mille Lacs County is home to three separate Amish communities, established since 2012. Other Amish communities can be found in the following places:

  • Becker County (Frazee)
  • Clearwater County (Clearbrook-Gonvick)
  • Kanabec County (Mora)
  • Mahnomen County (Lengby)
  • Morrison County (Pierz)
  • Norman County (Fertile)
  • Pine County (Hinckley)
  • Polk County (Fosston)

Historical Minnesota settlements

A pair of Amish settlements existed in Minnesota around the turn of the century. These two communities were both located in the southwestern corner of the state, in Nobles and Jackson Counties. The first settlement was established near Wilmont in Nobles County, by settlers from Waterloo County in Ontario. Settlers bore surnames less-common in Amish society today, including Jantzi, Gascho, Kennel, Kropf, Iutzi, and Gerber. Some of these names are still seen in Canadian Amish communities, however.

Amish settlers did carpentry work and raised crops including corn, wheat, oats, barley, hay, and potatoes.  Eventually, this settlement failed, as Amish historian David Luthy explains, due to a mixture of affiliations within the group.  The Wilmont community, according to Luthy, “was traditional enough to fellowship with some Old Order Amish but had historic and family connections with the meetinghouse groups in Ontario and received an occasional visiting minister from there.” (Settlements that Failed, Luthy p. 213).  The “dual nature” of this community – Old Order Amish, and Amish-Mennonite – led to its eventual total disbandment in 1910.

minnesota amish harmony
Minnesota’s Amish live in one of the harshest climate zones in America

A second Amish community followed shortly after the Wilmont community was founded.  A land agent succeeded in attracting Amish settlers, mainly from the Arthur, Illinois Amish settlement, to Jackson County in 1894.  Amish in this area primarily farmed wheat, which they were able to transport to market thanks to Jackson County’s good train connections.  Fishing in the county’s lakes, sometimes with pitchforks, and sometimes by simply cutting out fish caught in the thick winter ice, was a popular way of supplementing food.

Another popular pastime, Luthy notes,  was exaggerating the severity of the Minnesota winters in the Sugarcreek Budget.  As one writer put it: “I can’t give a record as to how cold it is outdoors, as it was so cold that the thermometers flew all to pieces, except one man was lucky enough to have his thermometer in the house hanging behind the stove in the sitting room, and he said it was 48 below zero.”  This community eventually went extinct for unknown reasons, with the last family moving away seven years after it was founded, in 1901 (see The Amish in America: Settlements that Failed 1840-1960, David Luthy, pp. 210-218)

Minnesota Amish population growing steadily

Like most other Amish settlements in the upper Midwest, the Minnesota Amish communities are remote from large population centers. This distance, and the correspondingly cheaper farmland, has continued to steadily attract Amish settlers over the past few decades.

harmony amish
The conservative Amish at Harmony, Minnesota do not use the slow moving vehicle triangle

Since 2010, Amish have added a net of nine new settlements and roughly 2,000 Amish people. With the large amount of sparsely-populated land available, Amish growth in the state is likely to continue. However, they have also lost some population, notably at the Harmony settlement, which remains the state’s largest, but not by much.

For further information, see:

Photo credits: buggy crossroads-Jenni Ripley; hay stacks-Ellen MacDonald; Amish buggies-Jenni Ripley; Amish home-Alan Levine; Amish market-Matt Zaske; buggy in snow-Ellen MacDonald

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    1. Alice Aber

      Very interesting information! Love the pictures!! Got a kick out of the one where they were both trying to make the turn at the same time. Good thing there were no cars there!!!

      Gardening must be difficult in Minnesota with the weather and short growing season. I wonder do any Amish have greenhouses to extend their growing season? Naturally, cooler weather crops like beets, broccoli, cabbage and the like would grow well there but not sure how tomatoes and other warmer weather loving produce would grwo without some help.

      Blessings, Alice

      1. ryan


        i recently noticed an Amish family near Wadena has built a quite sizable greenhouse of their own. And with the size of their summer garden, i am sure it will be put to use!

      2. Don Booth

        The Lord gives Knowledge.

        I am also a Believer as you are. In a couple of weeks from now, I and my wife are moving back to mn.. I have been in washington now for 35 years, and I am excided to get back. I would really like to visit a amish community, and mybe talk to an elder. I have no problem with there life style, I acturaly see it as being scriptural. I” am also interested in purchasing some furniture from the amish.

      3. Lisa

        I live here in Minnesota. I can tell you what me and my friends do – we plant ANY vegetable we wish. Tomatoes grow quite crazily up here – and then we can them so we have them all winter long.

      4. Dorothy

        Growing tomatoes in Minnesota

        Reply to Alice Aber: I live in Minnesota and I am not Amish. We can grow tomatoes here without any trouble. Minnesota is not a frozen tundra, as many may believe.

      5. Dan

        Black Walnut Tree Harvest

        I have 30-40 Black walnut mature trees for harvest in Northfield MN. Looking to contact Amish authority for trade or sale. Please reply with a credible contact. Would rather see product crafted here in the states instead of shipped overseas.

        1. Kevin Happke

          Black Walnut Trees

          Hello Dan, Please contact me about your black walnut trees, give me a call at 320-468-6474 I have amish contacts in 5 amish communities in MN

    2. OldKat


      Interesting question about whether any Amish have greenhouses, because I use to wonder the same thing. Eventually I visited a community Pa. where several greenhouses were evident.

      Coincidently, I called on Tuesday morning to check on the Amish down in Bee County, TX as I had been watching Doppler radar Sunday morning in the pre-dawn hours and knew that a strong front had passed directly over where they live. Mr. Borntrager told me that they had received 1&1/2 inches of rain, which is very important as the whole lower 2/3 of the state has been in a drought for nearly 6 months (really about 7 years it has been extremely dry). It is also important to them,because they are so far south that they will be planting some field crops within a few weeks to a month and need the soil moisture. When I told him that I was happy for them for the rain he said “Well, it was good. Unfortunately one of “the boys” (his sons) lost his barn and three of his greenhouses to a tornado”. He said no one was injured and nobody lost their home, so he was thankful.

    3. Alice Aber

      Hi OldKat,

      Weather certainly plays an important roll for anyone who gardens or farms. Thanks for answering my question about greenhouses. I am hoping to get a small greenhouse myself later this year.

      For now, I start my seeds under lights in the basement for my garden. But a greenhouse would be wonderful. I could really extend my growing season. And that would be a blessing, as I do not have a really big area for a garden.

      Thanking the good Lord no one was hurt during the tornado!!

      Blessings, Alice

    4. Mary in Michigan

      Alice, greetings from Michigan! There is an old-order business north-east of Mount Hope, Ohio, that is a nursery/gardening business and it has one large greenhouse attached to it. There is another nursery/gardening business over on Rt.201 that has several greenhouses. Holmes county has many greenhouses all over it and many of them are owned/operated by the Amish.

    5. Alice Aber

      Greetings Mary!!

      Thank you for your reply. Sounds like Amish owning greenhouses is not uncommon at all. As I am constantly thinking about and preparing the upcoming gardening season I have wondered about such things. I am in Illinois and we have a pretty good growing season here but I can not imagine what the growing season in Minnesota or even up in the Dakotas would be like.

      I would imagine greenhouses would be essential to extend the growing season to produce enough food to last a year. On my little lot I would never be able to produce that much to begin with so I tend to concentrate on the types of things that are either really expensive in the stores, or hard to find in this area. And of course, fresh tomatoes off the vine are a must. 🙂

      Blessings, Alice

    6. Al in Ky.

      I am originally from Minnesota and have visited
      the Harmony and Granger settlements many times and
      have started visiting the Utica/St. Charles settlement when I go to Minn. each spring and fall.
      According to the Utica scribe’s letter in the
      Jan. 5 Budget newspaper, the Utica/St. Charles
      settlement in Winona County now has 3 districts
      and 54 families. In 2009 they began a produce
      auction which seems to be very successful. They also had two HUGE consignment auction sales in spring and late summer of 2010 which drew hundreds of people. I hope you can visit those settlements
      sometime. The scenery is beautiful and is part of
      what is called “Bluff Country” in southeastern

    7. Denise Zenisek

      Just wondering, do you know of an Amish Auction being held May 21,22nd of this year? In St. Charles? Any information on this would be appreciated. Thank you so much?


    8. Sheryl

      Spring Auction May 21

      Saturday, May 21 – Starting at 9:00 a.m. – NEW LOCATION***St. Charles Amish Consignment Auction, 13473 County Rd. 35, St. Charles, MN – Driving & Riding Horses; draft horses; ponies; carriages; tack; horse related machinery; quilts; wallhangers; new furniture; woodcrafts, etc……Directions: From St. Charles, MN take Hwy. 74 south approx. 1 mile to Cty. Rd. 35; go east on Cty. Rd. 35 to T, take right at T and go 1/4 mile. Auction on right side. Watch for arrows. Pancake breakfast 7:00 a.m. to sale time – lunch & bake sale

    9. katie f

      amish food store

      HI my parents live down by Harmony MN and an amish family has a grocery store for everyone with grocery store items that the boxes are bent or maybe a little outdated, but these groceries are sold super cheap. I heard there is another store like this near St Charles, which is much closer to me than Harmony. Does any one have any information on this, also looking for an amish nusery around st charles. Thanks.

      1. Traci

        Hi -do you know the address and name of the store near Harmony, MN? I was going to try and find it.

        1. Erin

          What are you looking for? We are camping near Harmony this weekend. We plan to take an Amish back roads tour. I can post addresses next week.

          1. Kathy

            Is there anyway to get a listing of the addresses where we can shop at the Amish homes that sell their ware? It’s been a few years since we took the tour and did not keep the addresses from then.

            1. Erin

              Are you speaking of the Amish homes near Harmony? Or elsewhere? I know that Long Prairie and Osakis (in Central MN) have maps and/or addresses to several of the Amish homes.


            2. Kevin Happke

              If you are talking about Harmony, MN Give me a call at 320-468-6474
              I have a couple of contact numbers, Kevin

    10. sheryl

      amish food store

      I don’t know of a store like that near St Charles but I can point you to some nurseries. On County Rd 35 just south of the new auction barn there is a nursery open to the public. Also about another mile south of there on Keller Drive there are a couple of nurseries. They are not open on Sundays.

    11. Al in Ky.

      I was at the St. Charles Amish Produce Auction on May 31 and
      asked a couple of Amish people about the salvage store. I learned
      that it is scheduled to open the end of August.

    12. maria hanson

      would be nice..

      would love to spend a month with one family and find out out how they live and ect. very interesting folks…

      1. Levi Miller

        Just Looking !,

        Just Looking Where Amish Live ,Maybe Move There Some Day , Looking For Cheap Apartments !, Positive Thanks !,Spirial Jesus Lover !,

        1. Levi

          Just Looking !.

          Spirital Up Free Christian !, X Amish , About 10 Yr.’s Ago !,If Any Questions About The Amish My BackGrond , I’ll Try And Answere As Best I Can , When I Get To The Libary !,Positive Lovely Giving Jesus !,

          1. Don


            Could you explain why you left the amish community? Was it because of there life style?, or there belief in the lord Jesus?

    13. Becky

      Does any Minnesota Amish sale Peaches? I usually travel to Southern Iowa to buy them, but wanted to see if they have peaches in Minnesota?

      1. Sigrid

        Peaches for Becky

        At least I got to buy peach jam at one of the Amish shops in Harmony last July. Excellent taste!

    14. Julie

      Amish Community near the Twin Cities

      Does anyone know if there are any Amish Communities closer to the Twin Cities than Browerville? I am looking for a community that has vegetable/fruit auctions. Does anyone know if Browerville has a vegetable auction such as St. Charles?

      1. Jackie

        Amish communities near Twin Cities

        There is a new small but growing Amish community in the Mora area (approximately 1 1/2 hour north of Mpls/St.Paul). Sorry this reply is 5 months late but I just came across your post.. So far they are only selling baked goods at “Made in Mora” on Saturdays, but they seem to be interested in the local Farmer’s Market.

        1. Julie

          Amish near & around Mora

          Jackie,do you know how big the Amish community is in or near Mora? Do you know off which roads they live? Have you purchased any goods from any of the Amish personally? From their homes?

    15. Julie

      Amish Community near Twin Cities

      The closest one that I can think of for Amish is in Long Prairie, MN which is on Hwy 71 near St. Cloud.

      I was doing research on the Mennonite communities and there is one near Gibbon which is SW of the Cities.

      I know the ones in Long Prairie have a stand just outside of town and make wonderful jam.

      1. Nat


        The Amish near Long Praire make wonderful goods.
        Their pies are absolutely fabulous! Our oldest boy just brought one home on Saturday…a black raspberry! drool! They also have goods to sell on their porches in the summer, hand made items and garden….and one place has baskets, furniture….

    16. Stephanie

      I am very interested in knowing if anybody knows how to contact the Amish to see if they would be interested in training my horse to drive. I heard they are exceptional

    17. Karen

      Northwest Minnesota Amish

      I will be moving to Fosston, Minnesota in the spring and I would like to know more about the Amish communities in the Fosston and Fertile areas. Also, are there many Mennonite churches in these areas?

      1. Erin

        I am also interested in the Amish in this area but have not been able to find any info other than the harrassment and barn burning that they endured. May a road trip is in order for both of us!

    18. Joe

      Amish store near harmony

      Looking for an Amish straw hat, hand pumps for wells, and other numerous items as I work towards making my 10 acres self sufficient .

    19. Alaina

      We recently went on a trip to the fillmore county area. We spent $80 on a tour for our family of seven. The guide was very informative and knew all the amish personally. They ask her to bring people by their stores. Some were very inviting and some kept their distance. I noticed that the men were more willing to talk to the men rather than me. I have always been intrested in their life style and appriciate what they can do with so little. It was the first time someone said oh you only have five children. It was really cool to see these pictures as i didn’t want to intrude on them and take pictures at their homes or of them hard at work. I did go to the house that is pictured above and they were the nicest family. We bought soaps pot holders and some stuff for the kids there. We also bought fresh eggs and my husband was invited into their home. The husband builds amazing furnature and we got to peek in side his shop. The mother was cooking in the kitchen and had many obitant children. They also had three jars of farm freash milk sitting on their back porch. I learned so much about them and thier lifestyle by just being there it is only about an hour and a half drive from the twin cities. We will defanitly will be going back again.

    20. Lisa

      Barn Restoration

      I have read in a local newspaper that a crew of Amish worked on a building at the Hancock County Fairgrounds in Britt IA. I am wondering how to contact this crew. I have a family barn that is over 100 years old and I need help in restoring it. If anyone knows of an Amish crew that works on barns, please contact me. Thank you.

      1. Kevin Happke

        Amish Carpenters

        Please give me a call at 320-468-6474 if you are still looking for a Amish carpenter crew. I have direct contacts in some of the Amish settlements in southeast MN and Long Prairie and Bertha-Hewitt MN

    21. Prairie Woman

      I am looking for a good source of bulk flour, and am hoping the Amish community may make and sell flour in Polk County, Minnesota. I am willing to travel there, it wouldn’t be far from where I live. How can a person find how to contact them?

    22. Karen

      Bulk Flour

      I live in Polk County. I just moved here from Utah a few weeks ago. I have not encountered the Amish since I have been here but there is a Farmers Market that they participate in. I would recomend that you ‘Like’ the Facebook page “Fosston Farmers Market”.
      Someone there will be able to give you the information you need.

    23. Julie

      Erin, did you notice if they are growing garden plants to sell? Or, if they mentioned any of their friends that will be selling plants or seeds? In my experiences of visiting many Amish (in many different states), all I need to do is ask a question pertaining to something I’m looking to buy from them and they will network me with a family member or friend. The families you visited with, are they between Mora and Pine City?

      1. Julie

        Erin,is Comfort Community Foods directly to Mr. Lambright? Is Mr.Lambright an Amish gentleman or is he an Englishman to contact to get through to Mr. Lambright? Thank you for the information! Julie

    24. Amber


      I was told there is an auction on April 28th, 2012. Does anyone know how to get to it or what time?

      1. Erin

        Do you know where the auction is?

        1. Yoder

          From an ad in THE BUDGET newspaper:
          Country Consignment Auction, new location (13473 County Road 35, St. Charles, MN). 9 a.m. sharp. Pancake breakfast 7-9 a.m., Lunch, Bake Sale.

          This is a 2-Day Sale. April 28 and May 26, 2012.
          Day 1, April 28: Horses, ponies, carriages, tack, farm machinery, cattle, small animals and chickens. Antiques and Small items.

          Day 2, May 26: Quilts, Wallhangers, New furniture, Woodcrafts, Antiques, Small items

          Questions for consignments contact Bill Gathje at 507-458-8560.

    25. Stephanie

      Not sure what the auction is but I meet Mr. Lambright and he is a very nice man.

      1. Stephanie

        yes Erin he thought he and his son Samual would be able to do that for me. I will be going back to see him soon to set something up. I am so greatful for this site. He was such a nice man. I can not tell you how excited I am to get my horse trained.

        1. Erin

          Haven’t been on here for a while, but I was thinking about the Amish families near Mora. Is Menno and his son training your horse? How is it going?

    26. Jennifer Hicks

      Horse Training

      Hi I am looking for a trainer for my horses ..
      how do i get in contact with an Amish horse trainer I live in Northern Minnesota
      Thanks Jennifer

    27. Bonnie

      "traffic jam" jam found near wadena, mn

      What is the address and the hours for the small Amish market near wadena, mn? I’m interested in finding the jam called “traffic jam” again.

    28. Andrea Reitberger

      School Trip

      Dear Sirs,
      I’m a German teacher from Munich (Germany) and right now I am planning an exchange trip to Fairbault in Minnesota. I’d like to know if there is any chance to have my group of 11 students and me learn about your way of life and come to visit you and your area.
      We’re in Faribault from October 18 to October 31. And we’re planning to do trips sometime between October 25 and 30. Could you send me some information ? Or some further contact address ?

      Thanks so much
      Best regards,
      Andrea Reitberger, Fridtjof-Nansen-Realschule, 81675 Munich, Germany

    29. James Ritscher

      Amish auctions

      Is there an Amish auction near St.Charles in the fall?

      1. Julie

        Amish Auctions near St. Charles MN

        James, there are Amish Auctions every Friday through October sometime. The Amish have a building where they hold their auctions. I went to one there last August or September. They auctioned off pallets and pallets of produce, small furniture, quilted items, and some horses, and other miscellaneous items. It was really a nice set-up and some of the prices very reasonable. If you stop at the Amish Market or Amish Restaurant they can give you directions to the auction site. I believe it starts at 10:00 am.

        1. James Ritscher
        2. lisa

          when do they start

          When do the Amish Auctions near ST. Charles MN start?

          1. Erin

            If you scroll down to the bottom of the comments (the most recent comment) you will find info on the St. Charles auction. I took the info from the Amish Market Square’s website.

      2. Yoder

        Fall Auction in St. Charles, Minnesota

        James, the semi-annual Country Consignment Auction will be held on Saturday, September 1, 2012, at 8:30 a.m. sharp. The location is 13473 County Road 35, St. Charles, MN. They sell horses, machinery, furniture, and quilts.

        1. James Ritscher
      3. Al in Ky.

        In their auction brochure, this number is listed to call for
        more information: 507-261-7078. You may want to call and request
        they mail you a brochure which lists dates of all of the auctions at the St. Charles auction building (consignment,produce,special
        evening flower auctions, etc.).

    30. Erin

      There will be an Amish school auction on Saturday, August 25 near Wadena, MN. Here is the link to the auctioneers website:

    31. Jenni

      Want to stay with an amish family in minnesota

      I am very interested in visiting an amish community in Minnesota can anybody please tell me if thers of phone number or somewhere I could write to get permission to come stay with them for about a week? I’m not planning on joining the community or becoming Amish just want to learn more about them so please if you have any suggestions please write back immediately you can also email me at

    32. Carmen

      People get the idea that few things grow in Minnesota because of the cold. I don’t have a green house but I transplant my tomatoes early, long before the “experts” tell you to. This year I was tired of all the canning I had to do because the tomatoes wouldn’t stop. I still have some ripening inside. I covered my peppers last year and still had some in late October when I decided to pull the plants to prepare the bed for this year. I do start my tender plants inside to give them a longer growing season. I grow tropical fruit trees which over winter indoors and some fruit trees that are not supposed to make it in zone 3B outside, yet they do.

    33. Erin

      Does anyone know what cities the Amish live near in Clearwater County? It would be near Leonard, Shevlin, Bagley, and Clear Brook. My family is staying at a cabin for a few days in February and I would love to stop and buy some things. I asked the cabin owner and she thought they were Mennonite and not Amish.

      1. Al in Ky.

        In Raber’s Almanac, “post offices of Amish Communities in the
        USA” include Gonvick, Clearbrook, Winger, McIntosh, and Fertile,
        in the general geographic area you are inquiring about (Clearwater
        and Polk counties).

        1. Erin

          Thanks Al, that’s very helpful! We will be right in that area. I should be able to ask the locals if any of the Amish have things to sell at their homes. I will also watch for buggy signs which has led me to them before! My husband was able to locate an Amish school on his GPS while traveling in WI. once you find a school house, it’s pretty easy to find their homes. Thanks again!

        2. Erin

          Thanks again for this info, Al. I just returned from a three day weekend in Clearwater County in a cabin in the woods. When I asked the locals how to get to the Amish farms, they directed me to a hog farm. The gentlemen was actually Old Order Mennonite. Had a great time visiting with him. Picked up eggs, cheese, and potatoes. Would have liked 1/2 pig but perhaps another time! Another local family directed us to another Amish farm (actually turned out to be a Mennonite Convert) and had a lovely chat with him. Drove by several Amish furniture shops but was on a baked goods hunt, so I did not stop. They had beautiful, huge homes!

    34. Erin

      One man's trash is another man's treasure

      Erik recently posted an article about the Amish of Harmony deconstructing numerous greenhouses in the Twin Cities. Then, I discovered that the Amish community of Mora in East Central MN were deconstructing the grandstand at the Kanabec Fairgrounds. Truly a win-win for the Ag society and the Amish community!

      1. Nice article Erin, and timely. Looks like Minnesota has had some good common sense examples of reuse lately.

        1. Erin

          Yes they do! I just visited them at their community store but I didn’t have the opportunity to bring up the deconstruction of the grandstands. They were very busy preparing for church services the next day. Only one pie left on the shelf! We did discuss their CSA and they put together a very nice tri-fold brochure and will have weekly delivery routes to the Twin Cities as well as to Pine City. Hopefully they will expand the following year to St. Cloud. I love that they’re offering not only produce but egg shares, baked good shares, canned goods, and other tasty treats.

    35. James Ritscher


      Are there Amish auctions near St. Charles scheduled for this spring?

      1. Erin

        James, I’ve been trying to find info on the Spring auction, but I’m not having any luck. I did find info on the school fundraiser in Wadena.

        SATURDAY MAY 11 9:30AM 2013
        LARGE AUCTION selling 2 auction rings most of the day with Consignments of Horses and Horse Related Equipment, Farm/Ranch Related, Vintage and Antique Items, Collectibles, Plus a Large Selection of Quilts and Fancy Work, Handmade Furniture and More! This auction is held annually in the Spring and Fall with proceeds used for the Amish Schools! Come Join in The Fun, enjoy a homemade donut and buy some bake goods!
        Bake Sale and Lunch Sale throughout the Day!

        1. Hilarian

          Amish spring auction St. Charles MN

          Can anyone tell me the date when the annual Spring auction at St Charles MN will be this year.

          1. Erin

            Friday May 24, 2013 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

            Amish Auction located East of the Amish Market Square on Co. Rd. 35.

            Directions: From St. Charles, MN take Hwy. 74 south approx. 1 mile to Cty. Rd. 35; go east on Cty. Rd. 35 to T, take right at T and go 1/4 mile. Auction on right side. Watch for arrows.

            Pancake breakfast 7:00 a.m. to sale time – lunch & bake sale

            1. Erin

              Here’s a little more details about the 2 day auction that I found o Amish Market Square Travel site:

              Friday May 24, 2013 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

              Amish Auction located East of the Amish Market Square on Co. Rd. 35.

              13473 Co. Rd. 35, St. Charles, MN 55972

              Directions: From St. Charles, MN take Hwy. 74 south approx. 1 mile to Cty. Rd. 35; go east on Cty. Rd. 35 to T, take right at T and go 1/4 mile. Auction on right side. Watch for arrows.

              Pancake breakfast 7:00 a.m. to sale time – lunch & bake sale.

              Sale starts 9AM sharp.

              Day 1

              Driving & Riding horses, draft horses, ponies, carriages, tack, horse related machinery, cattle and small animals, antiques and small items.

              Day 2

              Quilts, wallhangers, no machine stitched quilts, new furniture, woodcraft, antique and small items.

              Auctioneer: John Marg, MN Lic. #28-09-013; 1-715-284-4684/ Black River Falls, WI

              Auctioneer: Murt Boyum, MN Lic. #85-10-09; 1-507-273-6941

              Consignment questions: Bill Gathje at 507-458-8560

    36. Hilarian

      Consignment auction

      Can anyone tell when the next lage Amish furniture consignment auction near St. Charles MN in Sept 2013?

    37. Erin

      Hilarian, I can’t find info on the Amish Auction near St. Charles, but you can check as the date nears.

    38. Erin

      I was recently in Tracy (SW Minnesota) and I saw a horse/buggy sign. I wasn’t aware of Amish in that area. Does anyone know if there is Amish and/or Mennonite in Lyon County?

    39. Mr. Willkie

      Amish People

      I am here at the Best Western in CO, and a bunch of them are staying here. yet, they amid that they are going along with the flow having a Credit Card. I made it clear that one has to have a Credit Card, due to other people to ruin for those that wants to pay cash. I also made it clear that it was nothing’s therefore, the same rule everywhere.

    40. Erin

      I am going to my cousins cabin near Henning this weekend and would like to pick up an Amish baked apple pie. Does anyone know if any Amish families near Frazee have home bake sales? Or know if they might sell them at a roadside stand?

    41. Mora, MN Amish

      Erin I don’t know who else they are affiliated with but if they are using the SMV/electric lights then you are right they wouldn’t be a Swartzentruber group. There seems to be quite a few bits and pieces of info on them on this page in other reader comments, also that presspubs article you linked above.

      I have not heard from Lance in quite some time. I have wondered lately about him as well and have assumed he has either returned to the Amish or perhaps just not commenting.

    42. Kevin Happke

      please contact me directly

      Hello Erik, Please contact me at my email address, I have a few questions for you that I do not want to post online

      Thanks, Kevin

    43. Jessie

      Bertha Settlement

      If anyone, like Erik and some of the other well-researched on Amish, can give me any info on the Bertha, MN settlement, that would be fantastic! I’m trying to write a story (fiction but want to use as much facts and stuff as possible) and cannot get out to Bertha right now (in college and live 2.5 hours away). Thanks!

      Mach’s gut!

    44. Mr. Willkie

      How does these people get around in the winter, when they must go to town for supplies? Very Dangerous in the snow by hourse and buggy!

    45. Janica P

      Rural MN farm couple with question...

      Happy Last Monday of 2013…. I pray everyone here in MN is staying warm and cozy!
      My husband and I live in Welch, MN (southeast mn) and we help his brother farm their home place, crops. My husband also does woodworking… and I enjoy baking and i wish to learn more handiwork. Erik can you guide us as to the best way to try to find a family that would be willing to take us on for a week sometime, my husband would really like to see how their harvests go, so as we can get a feel for how the Amish truly do live? We have talked about wanting to simplfy our lives, and have talked in great length about how we wonder how Amish get done all they do without our daily comforts and gadgets that we ALL take for granted, such as my cell phone allowing me to post this from the comfort of my bed as I am not feeling well.

      Please feel free to email me if you have information. Thank you and may the Lord bless you!

      1. Kevin Happke

        Hello Janica P., Please give me a call at 320-468-6474 I may have some information regarding your request. I know amish in 6 areas Minnesota and 1 in Iowa


        1. Janica P

          Thank you Kevin!!! Is there a time thats better for you?

          1. Kevin Happke
    46. Polio outbreak

      I live in long prairie area. I regularly visit the amish. I personally am friends with 6 of the families. Last summer i actually lived on an Amish farm and learned to milk goats. It is true, Amish are wary of medical intervention. When i saw the mention of a polio outbreak, i was quite interested. Today i visited a couple of the families, and mentioned the polio outbreak. They told me that in reality, only one person had some polio symptoms, and it ended up being something else, not polio. However by the time it was discovered that it was not polio, the media had already reported the “outbreak”. I enjoy my Amish friends. They had an interesting sense of humor.

      Just a little advertisement for one of the families who could definitely use extra business:
      On highway 11, between sauk centre and Long prairie(but closer to LP) there is an amish farm where the man is a carpenter and sells wooden coffins. the coffins are simple, but well built. They sell maple syrup and some other furniture too… The family is very friendly, and they have a big dog named buffy who loves visitors!

    47. Erin

      Sounds like you had a very unique opportunity Anne! I love to frequent Amish businesses. I have found the majority of them to be friendly and willing to answer questions. I did meet a family that sold quilts and baked goods in Osakis. I was actually looking for the Amishman that built log cabins. Turns out, it was the woman’s father so she gave me directions to their home. He was very friendly and welcomed me in to his home for coffee. It’s funny you mentioned their sense of humor. This gentleman said that a mom and her young son had recently stopped at his farm and asked if Amish like to eat chocolate. He said “You should see my grocery bill!” His business is R&S Sawings. He asked what I thought it stood for. I thought it stood for his name but he said it was his name and “Sons.” BUT, his sons say it stands for SLAVES. Ha!

      Does this family on 11 have a sign for their business? I usually do not stop at a home unless it is well advertised. Thanks, Anne. Feel free to email me if you’d like.

      1. Yes, it is well advertised, one can’t miss it. It is a big white sign with blue writing. I don’t remember what the name is though… It does say woodworking on it though. They are a great family, they have around 6-7 children.

    48. Hilarian Brey

      Can anyone tell me if there will be a large Amish Consignment auction this year again in May near St. Charles MN and if so what is the exact day in May? We have been to several in the past and have really enjoyed them.

      1. Linda

        Country Consignment Auction, St. Charles, MN

        10th Semi Annual Country Consignment Auction,
        8:30 a.m. Sharp,
        2 Sale Days – April 26 & May 24, 2014,
        13473 County Road 35, St. Charles, MN.
        Pancake Breakfast (7 am to sale time), lunch, bake sale.
        Horses and Machinery. Furniture and quilts. Questions for consignments contact Bill Gathje at 507-458-8560.

        Hi, Hilarian, this ad was in the March 19 Budget newspaper.

    49. Debie Martin


      I amm g for property from Shevlin, Mn to Fort Ripley Mn. All of which have either had no barn or one that need repaired. Also fencing need to be done. Looking for Amish families in all areas.

    50. Jody Solberg

      Does anyone know when the flower auctions a are in St.Charles are
      Is it today.
      Also someone told me there were Amish Greenhouses in Cashton, WI does anyone have any information on those and or directions?

      1. Linda

        Country Fresh Produce Auction

        Jody, I don’t know the direct answer to your question about the flower auctions in St. Charles, but I can give you a link pertaining to the Country Fresh Produce Auction, and maybe you can make a phone call.

        (from June 2013)

        This is the schedule for Growers Produce Auction in Cashton, Wisconsin. On Monday, May 26, they have a Quilt, Furniture, and Flower Auction.