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Minnesota Amish FurnitureA guide to Amish furniture in Minnesota The North Star State is home to 3,000+ Amish in over a dozen communities.  Residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul along with other MN cities like Rochester, Bloomington and Duluth don’t have far to look for Amish furniture, with a number of Amish furniture makers and retail Amish furniture dealers across the state.

Amish are well known for their high quality tables, chairs, cabinets, and other home furnishings.  Amish wood workers produce furniture in a wide range of styles, including Mission, Craftsman, Queen Anne, Shaker and contemporary designs.  Minnesota’s largest Amish settlement is found near the town of Harmony in Fillmore County, and is home to several Amish furniture craftsmen.

Minnesota Amish furniture stores

Amish FurnitureDeutsch Furniture Gallery
4825 Commercial Drive SW
Rochester, MN 55902
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6pm; Sat 10-4pm; Sun Closed
Handcrafted furniture for every room of the home. Customized work available.

Woodland Amish Furniture
27358 Bay Shore Dr. NW.
Isanti, MN 55040
Minnesota Amish furniture by Amish craftsman Elias and six Minnesota Amish cabinet makers. Located in the Twin Cities area.  Amish-made benches, barstools, hutches, tables, chairs in Mission and other styles.

Amish Furniture Haus‎
2417 Old North Shore Rd
Duluth, MN 55804-2700
(218) 525-0700‎
Amish dining room sets, outdoor furniture, grandfather clocks, chests, nightstands, coffee tables, beds, baby furniture, more. Amish furniture for the living room, bedroom, office kitchen, children’s room, in six varieties of wood.

Genuine Amish Furniture
817 North Minnesota Avenue
St. Peter, MN 56082-2424
(507) 931-5517‎
Outdoor Amish furniture (rockers, chairs, lighthouses, windmills, mailboxes), Amish children’s toys and furniture including rockers, puzzles, cribs, more. Other Amish furniture items include beds, tables, gun cabinets, wash basins, curio cabinets, butcher blocks, cedar chests, and more. Pieces produced by Ohio Amish.

R & J Wood Goods
570 Main Avenue North
Harmony, MN 55939-8813
(507) 886-2777
Store hours: Mon-Sat 10-5; Sun 11-4‎
Amish-born brothers Reuben and Jake Hershberger retail Amish made furniture including TV stands, baby furniture, outdoor furniture, bedroom sets, headboards, dressing tables, poly lawn furniture, more. 13,000 square foot showroom. Solid hard wood construction in hickory, maple, elm, oak, quarter sawn white oak, walnut, cherry, rustic cherry. Located in Harmony in the heart of Minnesota’s largest Amish settlement.

Amish Furniture Showroom Minnesota
16191 Clayton Av
Minneapolis, MN 55068
(763) 498-7730‎
Wide range of Amish made furniture available for order online–tables, desks, TV centers, bedrooms and more.

Welcome Furniture‎
10575 Keystone Ave NE
Albertville, MN 55301-4019
(763) 497-7800‎
Retailing Amish-built furniture from Indiana and Ohio suppliers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Solid hardwood construction: grey elm, oak, hickory, cherry, maple. LCD stands and cabinets, china cabinets, dressers, beds, office furniture, more. Custom orders with custom finishing, hardware, wood.

Amish Corner
224 E Main St # 104
Anoka, MN 55303-3699
(763) 712-1350‎
Amish made tables, chairs, hutches, bedroom sets, entertainment centers (TV stands, Plasma consoles). Amish office furniture including writing tables, desks, filing cabinets, conference tables, more. Styles including Shaker, Mission, and others. Home accessories including wall hangings, clocks, baskets, dolls, primitives, quilts.

Harmony Cedar
1007 15th Avenue North
South St. Paul, MN 55075-1202
(651) 260-8583
Chests, tables, beds and more by Midwestern Amish.

Seeking Amish furniture beyond Minnesota? The Amish Furniture Guide main directory features listings of Amish furniture dealers across the United States and Canada.

Note to Minnesota residents: Please be sure to check opening hours of any Amish furniture businesses listed in this guide before traveling long distances.  While we strive to keep this directory up-to-date, business locations and schedules can change.  Not responsible for changes to information. 

Minnesota Amish woodworking

The North Star State is home to a number of Amish communities, the largest of which is found near the town of Harmony in Fillmore County. Amish in Minnesota number over 3,000, with communities found across the state (Read more on Minnesota Amish settlements). While Amish have traditionally relied on farming, furniture craftsmanship has provided many Minnesota Amish families an alternative occupation. Amish furniture making has grown into a thriving industry, with a number of Amish shops and furniture retailers found across Minnesota.

Amish woodworking is typically based in small shops located on Amish property near the home. Woodworking shops typically have anywhere from a handful of employees, to up to 30 or more, though less than 10 workers is most common. In some cases, only family members will assist in a furniture shop. Amish prefer the small-scale in most things they do, believing such an approach to be more manageable, and more likely to assure them of a favorable outcome–whether it comes to the prosperity of their Christian-based communities or the quality of their furniture craftsmanship.

Furniture styles and materials

Amish furniture pieces come in a wide range of woods, designs, and finishes. Amish may seem slow to change, but when it comes to satisfying their customers, Amish will create any range of furniture pieces, even those which they wouldn’t use in their own homes, such as contemporary styles.  Amish furniture craftsmen have proven to be creative and adaptable within the competitive furniture industry.

outdoor amish furniture minnesota
Outdoor Amish furniture is one of many popular varieties available from Minnesota dealers

Hardwoods used by Amish craftsmen include maple, birch, oak, hickory, quartersawn oak, cherry, and more. Common designs include the ever-popular Mission, Shaker, Colonial, and Craftsman styles. Some Amish furniture makers specialize in rustic hickory furniture, often used to create rockers and tables. Other Amish focus on outdoor furniture products, like gazebos, sheds, and playsets. Some create animal hutches, chicken coops, and doghouses as well. The poly outdoor furniture segment has become popular with Amish manufacturers in recent years.

Indoor furniture

In the home, the range of Amish furniture styles is broad. Living room pieces such as coffee tables, entertainment centers, sofas, and many others are found in the Amish repertoire.  In the kitchen, we find Amish-crafted cabinets and accessories such as pantries and pie holders.  Bedroom suites include bedframes, armoires, dressers, and a wide range of other pieces. Children’s furniture such as chairs, rocking horses, and other pieces are made by numerous Amish woodworkers. The office is not neglected either, with desks, bookcases, and computer centers common items produced in Amish workshops.


Once furniture pieces are crafted, they leave Amish woodworking shops, usually headed for a local Amish finishing shop, where stain, sealer and final coat of finish are applied. Furniture finishing has been described by Amish as an “art”, and applying the proper amount of coat and avoiding runs are two important elements of this crucial final stage. Amish furniture stains come in a wide range to suit diverse customer needs.

Where to buy Minnesota Amish furniture

Minnesota’s Amish population dates to the 1970s, and since that time the Minnesota Amish furniture industry has developed as demand for Amish furniture has grown.  Amish woodworkers in Harmony and other settlements provide a steady stream of furniture pieces for customers in Minnesota and beyond.  Minnesota Amish furniture shoppers have a wide range of options, from buying furniture direct from a Minnesota Amish furniture shop, to ordering Amish furniture online, to purchasing their pieces through retail sellers of Amish furniture across Minnesota.

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    1. Lisa Kampa

      Desperate for barn repair

      I live on a 25 acre farm in Center City MN. Our barn is in desperate need of a new roof and some repair. Do you know of any Amish who do this type of work? email address:
      Thank you for your time.

    2. Tish Evans

      Looking for an Amish furniture maker.

      I am in seek of a company called SSCTM. They are supposedly a small Amish Furniture company that makes Furniture for Fifth Avenue Furniture in Baxter MN. Could find no record of them online and this company supposedly makes this nice Log White Cedar Futon couch and love seat they have there.

    3. Mark Hirdler

      My wife and I are looking for a patio glider with gliding ottoman. Is this something you make, or could make, and how much.
      Mark Hirdler

    4. wood cooking stove

      Hello, I am looking for an Amish or farm home wood cooking stove. Thank You.

    5. Sheryl Olson

      round oak table repair

      We are blessed to have my husband’s grandparents’ round oak table. It has simple lines and is beautiful. Unfortunately, the mechanism is broken (that enables the table to pull out to add boards for a larger length). We also need oak table boards for the table extension. Would you be able to do this for us? Thank you. Sheryl Olson

    6. Nylene Klechner

      We are in need of a TV stand but it needs to be open (to much heat from gamming consoles and other electronics) yet have drawers (for controllers and battery chargers) I do mean battery chargers (we use rechargeable AA’s) We would like to know if we could find some one who could build something we (kind of design), (it’s only in our heads as a idea not on paper). Thanks NyK

    7. Bed stool

      I’m looking for a honey oakstain, 2-step Queen Ann style bed stool for my high bed.

    8. Susan Johnson

      I am looking for an oval or round dinning table with a live edge … it can be cherry, maple or oak. Do you make such a table?

    9. Real Amish Furniture

      A few years ago when we did a driving tour of the Amish farms by Preston and Harmony, we were given a map of those who sell products. We came upon the nicest show room that had beautiful quilts and the nicest furniture as well as many other smaller items. We stopped in again today to purchase more items as they are so well made. It’s called Countryside Furniture at 16605 351st Avenue, Harmony, Minnesota
      We never see them listed in all the other sites, yet they are truly authentic Amish HAND MADE furniture. We visited some of those other stores and they are factory made furniture. I’m glad I waited until we could once again buy from Countryside Furniture.

    10. Mary Kohler

      Desire Amish Furniture Maker

      I would like to make direct contact with an Amish furniture maker, to order a dining room set. Do you know of a listing?

    11. Looks Great

      I just moved here in Minnesota and I need furniture to make my house good. Knowing this will help me a lot to decide where to buy furniture here. Thank you so much!

    12. Sulla wilson


      I am possibly buying property in Duluth MN. I am considering getting a shed and covering it to a home. Is their anyone that is in that area I can contact. I have heard so many good things about the quality of your buildings

    13. Fantastic Furniture

      Minnesota doesn’t strike me as a place that would have this awesome furniture but wow, I’m impressed. I guess I know where I’m shopping next!

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    15. Truly Amazing Furniture

      Obviously the Amish are known for their quality work, but wow this just blows me away! I haven’t been able to actually see their quality in person, but these pictures an awesome.

    16. Need my table refinished where can I go I live in maple grove Mn. 55311

      I want my table re-finished . Could you tell me in MPLS where the Amish would refinish it. Call or email. 7634392220

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      It’s incredible when you think about it. They really do amazing work on all their hand crafted furniture creation. It’s a work of art!