‘Milk Evaporator’: Where was this photo taken?

I’ve just returned from a week in Lancaster County, and I’ve got some things to share from my trip. But first, another photo quiz for you. Any idea where I took this photograph?


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    1. City Slicker

      Milk Evaporator

      Is it the milk processing display at Yoder’s Market in New Holland?

      On a side note, is that a lighting trick or has the Ordnung been amended to permit fuscia hats?

      1. That is all lighting 🙂 On colors, you reminded me, we did see one Amish family drive by in a green wagon with yellow wheels. Quite flashy, I believe the Amish people I was with said it was more common in the past. I don’t think I’d seen that color scheme before.

    2. Could be Lapp Valley ?

      Only Jersey cows there for the richest milk to make ice cream. The best ice cream in the County if you haven’t been there. You can tour the farm and take a walk on the treadmill to power the mixers at the end. They make homemade and sell it at the Shirktown Reunion too.

    3. Matt from CT

      Took a guess that it’s at Hershey just thinking Pennsylvania and evaporated milk…and Google seems to agree with my hunch.

      1. You are right in the ballpark, any idea where in Hershey?

    4. Alice Mary

      Hmmm. I’ve never been to that area, but when I saw the photo, I thought it looked like something on display in a museum. I’m awaiting your answer.

      Alice Mary

    5. Janina

      Is it in Hershey’s Chocolate World in the museum on how they make their chocolate?
      I’ve been there, but not sure if this was there in the museum and if there would be Amish though.
      (Although they probably like a good piece of chocolate from time to time as well…)

      1. Nancy Consolo

        And maybe the Red Hat Society women were touring. The are the ladies who wear read hats to all their events.

      2. Nice job Janina 🙂 The hat belongs to a friend, I took him, wife and three children along for a day trip. This was the simulated factory ride which shows you the different chocolate making processes.

        The museum on Milton Hershey was more interesting–it was new and quite well-done I thought. I’ve noticed museums these days are not the stuffy places I remember from field trips.

        We also did a chocolate making workshop. And chocolate eating workshop 🙂

        1. Janina

          Well, Matt from CT got me in the right direction. 😉
          I remember being there in 2005 and wondering how people could like Hershey’s chocolate so much. But I guess that can be explained by the fact that I am from Belgium… 😉
          (And nonetheless I enjoyed my trip there!)

    6. Nancy this is actually a male Amish hat which is getting hit by one of the lights on the ride. It was a pretty loud 15 minute ride but the boys liked it enough that they took mom and dad along for a second go-through 🙂

      I had been on this, or something like it, as a young boy–I suppose I was 5 or so. That was also the first time, I believe, that I visited the Amish. So there was a little nostalgia tied up into this visit to Hershey.

    7. eli

      Ahh…the Hershey factory ride! It’s been a long time. I was probably about five myself. About the same time I was getting lost in Exton mall and wound up in the Zook house 🙂

      Janina, I agree on the chocolate.

    8. davidl340

      love that ride

      My children must have rode the Hershey chocolate ride 5 times, they loved it, so did I. Between the Amish and Hershey of that area of PA, it was a great time.

    9. Loretta

      New museum?


      Is there a new Milton Hershey museum? I was last there about eight years or so ago and as you began the tour you went through halls explaining where the beans came from and about Mr. Hersheys life. Just wondering if I would like to visit again.

      1. Loretta, looks like it opened in 2009. It’s right on Chocolate Avenue. They did a nice job with it, there’s a lot on Milton Hershey’s story and development of the company, but quite a bit on the town’s development too.

        Probably my favorite part though was a timeline showing when certain candy bars were introduced. Saw some odd ones like the Krackel bar, and Bar None (which I remember). They even sold Hershey brand chewing gum at one time.


    10. Bob the Quaker

      We kept riding it (with grand kids) until the lady at the end with the chocolate started recognizing us 🙂

    11. Terry Berger

      Your buggy question

      I’ve seen the green and yellow buggy quite often in Lancaster and the Kutztown area, usually they’re driven by team Mennonites. They’re a replica of the original John Deere wagons complete with he original color scheme. In Kutztown they’re the primary market wagon. I’m not sure if the Wenger folk drive, I know the Martinites do.


      1. Thanks Terry, interesting to hear they are replicas of a classic. I’ve seen green and other fairly colorful vehicles among Mennonites, I guess I should have said I hadn’t ever seen Amish “behind the wheel” of one–I wonder if this Amish family borrowed a neighbor’s 🙂

    12. Terry Berger


      Maybe it was a test drive, upping for a sportier model… I was at the Kutztown prduce auction two weeks ago and saw six in the parking area.