Amish businesses and vacation attractions in Michigan

michigan amish tourismAmish communities are found across Michigan, from the southern counties to the Upper Peninsula.  Amish operate businesses in most communities, ranging from furniture making to produce and quilts (read more on Michigan Amish furniture businesses, including products and contact info).

Tourism in Michigan is centered in a few of the larger settlements.

St. Joseph County/Centreville Amish settlement

The Amish community at Centreville in St. Joseph County is the largest and oldest in Michigan.  About 1,500 Amish live in this community, which was founded 100 years ago.  Read more on the Centreville Amish community.

Attractions in St. Joseph County/Centreville

River Country Tourism- A fairly comprehensive listing of Amish-run businesses in the Centreville/St. Joe County area, including discount and general stores, furniture makers, crafts, fabric and nurseries.

Nottawa Fruit Farm-in addition to providing a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, including peaches, strawberries, watermelons, raspberries, tomatoes and corn, Nottawa Fruit Farm offers various events and activities, including hay rides, company picnics, and school trips.

Addresses of selected Centreville area Amish businesses:

amish tractor show michigan

Amish onlookers observe a tractor pull

Miller’s Discount Store
24029 Trucken Miller Rd.
Centreville, MI
(269) 467-4935

Yoder’s Country Market
375 Eleanor Dr
Centreville MI 49032
(269) 467-4856

Crow’s Nest Archery & Harness
Harness and Leather workers
30158 Marsh Rd, Colon MI

Yoder’s General Store Paint & Supplies
27765 Wasepi Rd, Centreville MI

Chupp’s Herbs & Fabrics
27539 Londick Road, Colon MI

Country Side Greenhouse & Produce
25920 Wasepi Rd, Centreville MI

Dutch Woodcraft
62267 S. Nottawa Road, Sturgis MI

Hochstetler Greenhouse and Nursery
Truckenmiller Road, Centreville MI

Hotels and Lodging in the St. Joseph County/Centreville area

There are a number of places to stay in the Centreville community, from hotels to campsites.  Most hotels are located in Three Rivers or Sturgis, in the proximity of the Amish community.

Hotels and Motels:

Three Rivers Inn
1200 West Broadway Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 273-9521

Voyager’s Inn Bed & Breakfast
210 East Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 279-9260

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
1207 West Broadway Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 278-7766

Super 8 Three Rivers
689 Super 8 Way, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 279-8888

America’s Best Value Inn
1211 West Broadway Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 273-8100

Maple Crest Motel & Apartments
1203 East Chicago Road, Sturgis, MI
(269) 651-8190

Sturgis Express Inn
1730 South Centerville Road, Sturgis, MI
(269) 651-8505

Wood Motel
606 West Chicago Road, Sturgis, MI
(269) 651-2391

Regency Inn Sturgis
1301 S Centerville Rd, Sturgis, MI
(877) 747-8713


Hidden Pond Campground
60735 Nottawa Road, Nottawa, MI
(269) 467-8684

St Joseph County Grange Fair
316 East Charlotte Street, Centreville, MI
(269) 467-7334

Amish in Branch and Hillsdale Counties

Quincy in Branch County is home to a sizable Amish settlement.  Along with Quincy, there are a number of other Amish communities in Branch County and in neighboring Hillsdale County.  Read more on the Amish settlements in Branch and Hillsdale Counties.

Attractions in the Branch County/Hillsdale County/Quincy area

This Branch County site features numerous attractions and events in the Quincy and Coldwater areas.

Amish businesses in the Quincy/Branch/Hillsdale County region

A wide array of Amish businesses can be found in the area, including bakeries, food and produce sellers, as well as harness shops and furniture makers.

amish quilts michigan

Quilts for sale on a Michigan roadside

Graber’s Grocery
560 Clarendon Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Opening hours:
M-T-W-F 9:00-5:00
Sat 10:00-3:00
Closed Thurs and Sun

Stony Acres Amish Bakery
775 Whipple Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Amy’s Basketry
911 Clarendon Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Amish Country Bakery
1003 Herricksville Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

E&A Bulk Food Store
1192 Bidwell Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Vegetable Stand
483 Orland Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Custom Furniture, Vegetable Stand, Canned Goods and Breads
389 Bawden Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Wickey Custom Cabinets
807 N. Matteson St.
Bronson, MI 49028
(517) 858-1118

Schmucker’s Lawn Furniture
347 Bawden Rd.
Bronson, MI 49036
(517) 369-9026

Amish Made Mini Barns
1024 Harmon Rd.
Camden, MI 49232

Wood Working Shop
717 Herricksville Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Quincy, MI 49082
Black Smith Shop
902 Greenfield
Bronson, MI 49028

Harness Shop
1137 Herricksville Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Harness Shop
902 Greenfield Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Welding Shop
903 Clarendon Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Lodging in Quincy, Hillsdale and Branch Counties

A few places to sleep can be found in Quincy, but more are located in neighboring Coldwater.
The Beach House
878 E Chicago Rd, Quincy, MI
(517) 639-5199

Sunset Cove Resort
931 Sunset Drive, Quincy, MI
(517) 639-8290

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Coldwater
630 E. Chicago St, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-0900

Comfort Inn & Suites
1000 Orleans Boulevard, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-2017

Super 8-Coldwater
600 Orleans Boulevard, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-8833

Hampton Inn Coldwater, Mi
391 North Willowbrook Road, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-9800

Econo Lodge
180 E Chicago Rd, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-4501

Red Roof Inn
238 South Willowbrook Road, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-1199

Red Roof Inn-Coldwater
348 South Willowbrook Road, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-1199

Rodeway Inn
180 W. Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-4501

Cadet Motor Inn
443 East Chicago Street, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-5617

Midtown Motel
224 East Chicago Street, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-6966

The Clare Amish community

The Amish community at Clare is home to about 500 Amish individuals.  Despite its relatively small size, there are a number of attractions and businesses in the area, including a number of auctions occurring throughout the year.

Clare Amish attractions

Yoder’s Amish auction-each year auctions are held at a local Amish farm, with up to 500 vendors and thousands of attendees.  Yoder’s holds quilt auctions and craft shows on these dates, and furniture, tools and a variety of other items are for sale too.  And food of course.

Auctions are held in the spring (on the third Friday and Saturday in May) and late summer (on the Friday and Saturday of  Labor Day weekend).

Yoder’s also puts on a horse and equipment auction, which takes place 2 weeks before the quilt auction in the spring, and 2 weeks after in autumn.

Amish businesses in the Clare region

amish home michigan

An Amish home in northern Michigan

Pine Valley Country Store
8181 S. Cornwell Ave.
Clare, MI

Yoder’s Blacksmith Shop
10885 N. Leaton Rd., Clare, MI  48617

Clare lodging and hotels

A number of hotels and motels can be found in Clare, as well as in nearby Farwell and Mount Pleasant.

Doherty Motor Hotel
604 North McEwan, Clare, MI 48617-1499
(989) 386-3441

Days Inn-Clare
10100 South Clare Avenue, Clare, MI
(989) 802-0144

Days Inn Clare
10318 South Clare Avenue, Clare, MI
(989) 386-1111

Econo Lodge
10318 South Clare Avenue, Clare, MI
(989) 386-1111

Lone Pine Motel
1508 North McEwan Street, Clare, MI
(989) 386-7787

Crossroads Motel
407 South McEwan Street, Clare, MI
(989) 386-2422

Sunset Shores Resort
942 Carroll Drive, Clare, MI
(989) 386-7030

Surrey Motel
2114 West Ludington Drive, Farwell, MI
(989) 588-9106

Hampton Inn Mt. Pleasant
5205 East Pickard Road, Mount Pleasant, MI
(989) 772-5500

Best Western Inn
5770 E Pickard St, Mount Pleasant, MI
(989) 772-1101

Amish-made cheese

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