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Amish businesses and vacation attractions in Michigan

michigan amish tourismAmish communities are found across Michigan, from the southern counties to the Upper Peninsula.  Amish operate businesses in most communities, ranging from furniture making to produce and quilts (read more on Michigan Amish furniture businesses, including products and contact info).

Tourism in Michigan is centered in a few of the larger settlements.

St. Joseph County/Centreville Amish settlement

The Amish community at Centreville in St. Joseph County is the largest and oldest in Michigan.  About 1,500 Amish live in this community, which was founded 100 years ago.  Read more on the Centreville Amish community.

Attractions in St. Joseph County/Centreville

River Country Tourism- A fairly comprehensive listing of Amish-run businesses in the Centreville/St. Joe County area, including discount and general stores, furniture makers, crafts, fabric and nurseries.

Nottawa Fruit Farm-in addition to providing a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, including peaches, strawberries, watermelons, raspberries, tomatoes and corn, Nottawa Fruit Farm offers various events and activities, including hay rides, company picnics, and school trips.

Addresses of selected Centreville area Amish businesses:

amish tractor show michigan
Amish onlookers observe a tractor pull

Miller’s Discount Store
24029 Trucken Miller Rd.
Centreville, MI
(269) 467-4935

Yoder’s Country Market
375 Eleanor Dr
Centreville MI 49032
(269) 467-4856

Crow’s Nest Archery & Harness
Harness and Leather workers
30158 Marsh Rd, Colon MI

Yoder’s General Store Paint & Supplies
27765 Wasepi Rd, Centreville MI

Chupp’s Herbs & Fabrics
27539 Londick Road, Colon MI

Country Side Greenhouse & Produce
25920 Wasepi Rd, Centreville MI

Dutch Woodcraft
62267 S. Nottawa Road, Sturgis MI

Hochstetler Greenhouse and Nursery
Truckenmiller Road, Centreville MI

Hotels and Lodging in the St. Joseph County/Centreville area

There are a number of places to stay in the Centreville community, from hotels to campsites.  Most hotels are located in Three Rivers or Sturgis, in the proximity of the Amish community.

Hotels and Motels:

Three Rivers Inn
1200 West Broadway Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 273-9521

Voyager’s Inn Bed & Breakfast
210 East Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 279-9260

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
1207 West Broadway Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 278-7766

Super 8 Three Rivers
689 Super 8 Way, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 279-8888

America’s Best Value Inn
1211 West Broadway Street, Three Rivers, MI
(269) 273-8100

Maple Crest Motel & Apartments
1203 East Chicago Road, Sturgis, MI
(269) 651-8190

Sturgis Express Inn
1730 South Centerville Road, Sturgis, MI
(269) 651-8505

Wood Motel
606 West Chicago Road, Sturgis, MI
(269) 651-2391

Regency Inn Sturgis
1301 S Centerville Rd, Sturgis, MI
(877) 747-8713


Hidden Pond Campground
60735 Nottawa Road, Nottawa, MI
(269) 467-8684

St Joseph County Grange Fair
316 East Charlotte Street, Centreville, MI
(269) 467-7334

Amish in Branch and Hillsdale Counties

Quincy in Branch County is home to a sizable Amish settlement.  Along with Quincy, there are a number of other Amish communities in Branch County and in neighboring Hillsdale County.  Read more on the Amish settlements in Branch and Hillsdale Counties.

Attractions in the Branch County/Hillsdale County/Quincy area

This Branch County site features numerous attractions and events in the Quincy and Coldwater areas.

Amish businesses in the Quincy/Branch/Hillsdale County region

A wide array of Amish businesses can be found in the area, including bakeries, food and produce sellers, as well as harness shops and furniture makers.

amish quilts michigan
Quilts for sale on a Michigan roadside

Graber’s Grocery
560 Clarendon Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Opening hours:
M-T-W-F 9:00-5:00
Sat 10:00-3:00
Closed Thurs and Sun

Stony Acres Amish Bakery
775 Whipple Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Amy’s Basketry
911 Clarendon Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Amish Country Bakery
1003 Herricksville Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

E&A Bulk Food Store
1192 Bidwell Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Vegetable Stand
483 Orland Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Custom Furniture, Vegetable Stand, Canned Goods and Breads
389 Bawden Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Wickey Custom Cabinets
807 N. Matteson St.
Bronson, MI 49028
(517) 858-1118

Schmucker’s Lawn Furniture
347 Bawden Rd.
Bronson, MI 49036
(517) 369-9026

Amish Made Mini Barns
1024 Harmon Rd.
Camden, MI 49232

Wood Working Shop
717 Herricksville Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Quincy, MI 49082
Black Smith Shop
902 Greenfield
Bronson, MI 49028

Harness Shop
1137 Herricksville Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Harness Shop
902 Greenfield Rd.
Bronson, MI 49028

Welding Shop
903 Clarendon Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082

Lodging in Quincy, Hillsdale and Branch Counties

A few places to sleep can be found in Quincy, but more are located in neighboring Coldwater.
The Beach House
878 E Chicago Rd, Quincy, MI
(517) 639-5199

Sunset Cove Resort
931 Sunset Drive, Quincy, MI
(517) 639-8290

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Coldwater
630 E. Chicago St, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-0900

Comfort Inn & Suites
1000 Orleans Boulevard, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-2017

Super 8-Coldwater
600 Orleans Boulevard, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-8833

Hampton Inn Coldwater, Mi
391 North Willowbrook Road, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-9800

Econo Lodge
180 E Chicago Rd, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-4501

Red Roof Inn
238 South Willowbrook Road, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-1199

Red Roof Inn-Coldwater
348 South Willowbrook Road, Coldwater, MI
(517) 279-1199

Rodeway Inn
180 W. Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-4501

Cadet Motor Inn
443 East Chicago Street, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-5617

Midtown Motel
224 East Chicago Street, Coldwater, MI
(517) 278-6966

The Clare Amish community

The Amish community at Clare is home to about 500 Amish individuals.  Despite its relatively small size, there are a number of attractions and businesses in the area, including a number of auctions occurring throughout the year.

Clare Amish attractions

Yoder’s Amish auction-each year auctions are held at a local Amish farm, with up to 500 vendors and thousands of attendees.  Yoder’s holds quilt auctions and craft shows on these dates, and furniture, tools and a variety of other items are for sale too.  And food of course.

Auctions are held in the spring (on the third Friday and Saturday in May) and late summer (on the Friday and Saturday of  Labor Day weekend).

Yoder’s also puts on a horse and equipment auction, which takes place 2 weeks before the quilt auction in the spring, and 2 weeks after in autumn.

Amish businesses in the Clare region

amish home michigan
An Amish home in northern Michigan

Pine Valley Country Store
8181 S. Cornwell Ave.
Clare, MI

Yoder’s Blacksmith Shop
10885 N. Leaton Rd., Clare, MI  48617

Clare lodging and hotels

A number of hotels and motels can be found in Clare, as well as in nearby Farwell and Mount Pleasant.

Doherty Motor Hotel
604 North McEwan, Clare, MI 48617-1499
(989) 386-3441

Days Inn-Clare
10100 South Clare Avenue, Clare, MI
(989) 802-0144

Days Inn Clare
10318 South Clare Avenue, Clare, MI
(989) 386-1111

Econo Lodge
10318 South Clare Avenue, Clare, MI
(989) 386-1111

Lone Pine Motel
1508 North McEwan Street, Clare, MI
(989) 386-7787

Crossroads Motel
407 South McEwan Street, Clare, MI
(989) 386-2422

Sunset Shores Resort
942 Carroll Drive, Clare, MI
(989) 386-7030

Surrey Motel
2114 West Ludington Drive, Farwell, MI
(989) 588-9106

Hampton Inn Mt. Pleasant
5205 East Pickard Road, Mount Pleasant, MI
(989) 772-5500

Best Western Inn
5770 E Pickard St, Mount Pleasant, MI
(989) 772-1101

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    1. I would like to know where I can purchase smoked farmers sausage. I grew up in a Mennonite farming community in Saskatchewan and travel back there regularly and get farmers sausage from my cousin. However, I would to get some closer to home and I am wondering where I can get some here in Michigan. I would appreciate any help.

    2. Deana Deck

      North Star

      I just purchased a beautiful hand woven rug made by Amish School Children of North Star, Michigan. I can find no information about this community or school online and would like to drop a thank you note to the children. Can you provide contact information? Thanks!!

    3. Annie McGregor

      Brown City/ Marlette Amish Communities


      Recently I moved to the Brown City/ MARLETTE
      MI area. There are alot, truely alot of AMISH in
      This area! I am searching for any info on them:
      Businesses,locations & types & also How would
      I go about hiring an AMISH person to work for
      Me? We need a nanny & some general farm
      Help! I would not want to offend anyone or get
      ANY person in any trouble…can someone help


    4. Michael Fillmore

      Looking to hire


      My name is Michael Fillmore and I am looking to hire an Amish carpenter to help me with a cedar deck. My father lived in Gladwin, MI. and passed away suddenly this fall. He had orignally contracted with a local Amish caprenter to build his cedar deck and gazebo.

      I need some repairs done along with power-washing and staining of the said deck and would like to get it done prior to another winter on the deck and gazebo.

      Please feel free to contact me at (734) 260-9043 if you know of someone who is honest, hardworking and available to assist me.

      Kind regards,

      Michael Fillmore

    5. jeff niehof

      propane lights

      I would like to install indoor propane lights in my cabin in Cadillac and wondered if there’s a supply store anywhere near there or near US 131 from Grand Rapids to Cadillac.

      1. Linda

        Natural Log Home Products,
        18814 Michigan 115, Marion, MI 49665
        phone (231) 743-6645
        is about 15 miles from Cadillac.
        This is one store that sells propane lights; there may also be others.

    6. Jim


      I own and operate a licensed for hire transportation service near
      Cadillac and Manton MI
      I would like to become involved with providing transportation services
      For the Amish community in my area. I have an 8 passenger van that is available
      and would serve well
      How can I make contact with the right people in the community
      and introduce my service?

      1. Driving for the Amish

        Jim I know a lot of folks who drive the Amish advertise their services via message boards in local stores patronized by Amish. Probably about the best way if you are just starting I would think: https://amishamerica.com/message-boards/

      2. Don Curtis

        van service

        I read your post to my son, Mark. He said that Alfred Gingerich is the bishop in the Manton, Michigan community. If you contacted him he could probably spread the word through his community.

        1. mary

          thank you so much for the assistance, how would I get in touch with him?

        2. jim

          van service

          Thanks. How would I make contact Mr. Gingerich?

          I also understand there may be a small community near Scottville, MI? (Mason Co)

          1. Jim and Mary, I don’t know if Don or Mark have the details, but since a lot of Amish operate business entities a Google search will probably find you some kind of contact address or number.

    7. mary

      metal roof installer

      I am looking for an Amish business that could install metal roofing on my home located in the Brighton, MI area, can you help?

      1. Linda

        Mary, perhaps you could inquire with the Amish at Charlotte, Michigan, or Quincy, Michigan, or Homer, Michigan.

    8. mary

      thanks Linda, Actually Charlotte is closest to me, but I have no idea how to contact anyone.

    9. Angela Bowman

      Looking to have a home built

      Hello. My name is Angela, and I would like to have a home built, here in Kingsley Michigan. I have seen the quality of work the Amish community does with woodworking, and was hoping to see if there was anyone locally that may be available to do this. I have never had a house built, so if anyone could do it, I would need price ranges too. The Manton community is the closest to me. If anyone has any info, please leave me a message. Thank you 🙂

    10. Lynn Dionne

      Amish food products

      Could someone please contact me as to where I might find some Amish butter, or home grown food products to the nearest location for me. I live in the U.P. of Michigan is there anywhere in my area? I saw something in Engidine but it didn’t say if they sold any of their goods or where I might find some.

      Thanks so much,
      Lynn Dionne

    11. Shirley Willis

      Antique Barn repair

      We have two barns that are 175+ years old in need if repair and painting. I am seeking an Amish group to work on these barns. We live in Lowell, Mich.

    12. Pam Crone

      Tour Guide

      Looking for Amish Families that host meals for tour groups. On September 1 our group will be in the Coldwater area and I would like am Amish meal served to 106 passengers.

      1. Al in Ky

        I have two suggestions:
        1) Call Chupp’s Herbs and Fabrics at 269-659-3950 and see if they know of any Amish families that serve group meals in their home. Chupps is at Burr Oak, Michigan, about 15 miles from Coldwater.

        2) The Shipshewana/Lagrange County Indiana Visitors Guide lists six Amish homes in that area who serve group meals in their homes. Call the Shipshewana/Lagrange County Visitor’s Center at 800-254-8090 if you would like further information. That area would be about 30 miles from Coldwater. I have been to two Amish homes for group meals, and each time it was a very enjoyable experience and the food was delicious!

    13. Jim

      Amish meals

      There is a gentleman that I know of who does host Amish thrasher dinners in Middlebury IN. It’s about an hour from where you’re requesting.

    14. Nicole

      Manual well pump

      I have an unused traditional electric pumped well on my property– last used in 2014– would like to convert it to a manually pumped water well.
      It is a deep well with static water level deeper than 25ft.
      I would like the type of hand pump typically used on Amish farms and cannot find an installer in the well drilling/pump repair industry who is interested in this “small job”.
      Property located in Gaylord MI area so freeze proof is also a requirement
      Thank you

    15. Kim Major

      home addition

      We have had an amish man and his sons add an addition to our home in Ohio. We were very impressed with the craftsmanship and would like to see if there is any amish builders that could add an addition on to our lake home in Jerome, Michigan in Hillsdale county. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    16. Daneise McCue

      Barry county Michigan Amish

      I am putting together a book about Barry county Michigan and would like to include the Amish that reside in Barry county in that book. I don’t have a clue who to contact, how to contact and where to contact them. I basically would like to interview someone from their community, take photo’s of their farming equipment, buggies, workshops, baked goods, quilts, etc. I have driven through the area where they live, but have never approached anyone about this. I just don’t know what their “feelings” are toward “outsiders”. I don’t know if they still do not allow photo’s of people. Could someone please contact me on how to go about this? It is very important to me.
      Thank you so much,

    17. L. David Carlo

      brick/concrete work needed

      Hi all..lived in Ohio for many years near Kidron, but now live in Okemos, Michigan ….I’m looking for a team of say 3 0r 4 guys,to make and set forms and pour a curved concrete sidewalk, about 3 feet wide X 33 feet long…also need to tear out an existing wooden steeps and build new formed concrete or brick steps…can supply the concrete mixed on site ( Beck Mobile Concrete truck )or bags…will pay driver fees and will pay promptly upon completion of work, estimate 2-3 days needed.. .if able to book me in for this work please reply…home phone number is 517-347-6172..thank you….

    18. Ronda Yeley

      Looking for Pallet boards.

      There is an Amish pallet mill around the McBain Michigan area. I was wondering if there is a place like that near Detroit.
      We are looking to get a couple bundles to do home improvement with the boards.
      Hope there is a closer place.

    19. Michigan Amish Tourism and Business Directory

      If you want to take a good deal from this piece of writing then you have to apply these techniques to your won blog.

    20. Becky Wiest

      Amish Builder Needed

      I’m looking for Amish builders to add about 1000 sq ft addition on our house in Comstock Park, Mi. which is just north of Grand Rapids. If you know someone please contact me at 269-207-7866. We need everything done (inside and out). Please let me know. We are pretty desperate to get this done ASAP so we can move in. Thanks everyone!!

      Becky W.

    21. Misbahur R Chowdhury

      To visit Amish community at Michigan.

      how to visit an Amish community?

    22. Amish built sheds?

      Could you tell me where I could go to see your Amish built sheds near me? I live in Remus, MI. Or is there a website I could go to that I could look at to order one? PLEASE help!! Thank you so much!!

    23. Jim

      Amish in Manistee Co, MI

      I have heard there may be a new Amish settlement in Manistee County Michigan near the village of Bear Lake and Kaleva.
      Could you advise?

    24. lisa j precious

      Amish honey farms

      Hello, I’m writing to inquire about how to get in touch with any Amish farms for honey, honeycombs and perhaps other products. Thank you, Lisa

      1. jim

        Amish farms for honey etc

        Where in Michigan do you live? There are several Amish communities throughout the state. I am in NW Lower Michigan and there is a community near Kaleva & Bear Lake, MI. They sell their own products in a retail sore setting. There is also a community near Manton/Mesick Michigan north of Cadillac. As long as you are respectful, I have found many members of the communities are welcoming and approachable.

    25. John Kail

      Ann Arbor Nearby Amish Community

      I live near Ann Arbor and I would like to know a nearby Amish community.

      – a furniture maker or carpenter.
      – a general country market or grocery/produce store.

      Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated!

    26. Jake Miel

      Barn Renovation

      Looking for Amish builders to renovate a family heirloom in the Iron Mountain Michigan area. Snow load over last winter severely damaged or of the largest barns in the UP area. Please respond! Thank you in advance for any considerations anyone might offer. Jake

    27. Cindy maggio

      looking to drive amish

      I am looking to drive a few runs for the Amish near Coldwater-Quincy area. Is there a message board for this?

    28. Mary Smith

      Non GMO Feed

      Looking to purchase non GMO chicken and pig feed near Lowell MI – also have heard that you can buy pine shavings in bulk for bedding from the Amish Community – any info on this would be great too!
      Thank you!

    29. It was so pity. Today, there are not many Amish people left. They show a part of human history. However, they are really out-of-date.

    30. Kathy Rahorst

      Michigan Amish tourism in 2023

      My friend and I are traveling in Michigan this summer. One of our dreams is to stop by an Amish community in Centreville, Michigan. Do they still have any tourism or businesses open to the public to learn about their heritage? Thank you! Kathy Rahorst

    31. Amie Davis

      Getting my roof replaced

      I’m looking to get my 888 sq ft roof replaced with a metal roof. We have family in the Hale area that had theirs done and live them. I’m in Commerce Township near Novi

    32. Kent

      Looking for a Seamstress

      I have a wicker couch and love seat that needs new cushions. I am looking for some one close by Reed City MI to make new ones. My dog ate one of them and need them all replaced. There are 10 cushions in total, 2 sets of 4 matching and the two center pieces for the couch.

    33. Unique Cultural Experience

      This insightful article on Michigan Amish tourism businesses provides a captivating glimpse into a unique cultural experience. The detailed exploration and engaging narrative make it a must-read for anyone interested in enriching travel experiences.

    34. joe


      I have several hens that have stopped laying eggs ..is there a use for them at this stage? I’m located in Saginaw Michigan