One of my favorite stops in Holmes County last month happened while out with my friend Rich Stevick, author of Growing Up Amish: The Rumspringa Years.

Rich has lived in Holmes County for several years now. If you know Rich’s warm demeanor you will know how he could be right at home in a place like Holmes County.

While out and about visiting some Amish friends and businesses one morning, we decided we were hungry. So we stopped in at Charm Sweet Shoppe & Pizzeria, a little business in, you guessed it, Charm.

If you’re familiar with Holmes County, you’ll know Charm as an area heavily populated by Amish. We didn’t see a ton of people come in while there, but I think everyone who did come in was Amish.

One of the other tables happened to be occupied by four Amish women happily talking over lunch. Somehow Rich figured out that it was a sisters’ lunch. You can see them queued up to order behind my pizza.

Here’s a bird’s-eye shot of my pizza. We really liked the pizza. I think this was “Supreme”; Rich tried something else. It was kind of early for pizza, but I believe pizza can be consumed at any hour of the day.

Of course I picked up some coffee and also some sweets. You can’t go into a “Sweet Shoppe & Pizzeria” and stick with only pizza, as good as it might be.

Here’s a doughnut, I think it was blueberry cake:

And fry pies. These are made by a bakery in Berlin:

The help there is very friendly. Running the register that day was an Amish girl, and we also spoke briefly with a youngish guy who appeared to be the owner or maybe manager. He wasn’t dressed Amish, but we heard him speaking Pennsylvania Dutch.

And here’s the outside seating. Easy to find an empty spot out here in December.

If you’re in Charm, stop in at the Sweet Shoppe for some tasty lunch and baked goods and a friendly atmosphere. This business is right in the middle of “downtown” Charm. You can see Hiland Bikes next door.

Here are the details:

Charm Sweet Shoppe & Pizzeria
4440 County Road 70
Charm, OH 44617
(330) 893-7938


Monday – Thursday: 7am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday: 7am – 8pm

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