Lovina Eicher’s Daughter Shares Update 3 Months After Losing Her Husband

We learned the sad news of Lovina Eicher’s daughter Susan’s husband being killed in a car accident in December, along with his driver. Mose Bontrager was only 30 and married just three years. In this week’s Amish Kitchen column, Lovina turns it over to Susan to share an update three months after her loss. Here’s an excerpt from her heartfelt column, which you can read in full here:

Jennifer still comes up to me and asks me if I think daddy is coming back. Ryan can’t talk except for some baby talk, so he tries to repeat after Jennifer. It breaks my heart that their daddy isn’t here to hug them or be with them any longer. Mose was a great father.

Today is the third month since the accident and it seems like Mose still should be coming home. It’s hard to grasp yet. When Mose and I first met, I never once thought that our love story would get cut short. It tore me to pieces when they called and said he passed away. It breaks my heart in two every time Jennifer and Ryan say Daddy. I fight myself when the bitter thoughts take place, and the days seem to be long and the future so dark. I learned to just take one day at a time.

I thank God for every moment I had with my dear husband. God blessed us with these years together, even though I catch myself wishing that I could have had one more year with Mose. Mose left the house that morning with both of us not knowing those were our last moments together. Our last I love you’s, our last hugs, our last everything. If only I would have known I would never have let him go.

Mose never gained consciousness after the accident. I feel like I lost him the 9th of December already. Losing Mose has made me look at life differently. Life is too short, so don’t take it for granted. Make the best of it while you can. In a blink of an eye life can change and it’s devastating. God has carried me a long way and still does. Keep Dan’s wife Jodi in your prayers also. Her life changed too. She has a lot of lonely nights. May God be with her.

Susan also thanks readers for all the cards and support they have sent.

Anyone who has lost a loved one suddenly can relate to Susan’s words here. Condolences and prayers for her and her family as she heals.

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    1. Rumage

      Not Amish but lived amoungst...

      Can’t understand how buggies are not seen. Perhaps I do. Nearly killed several times riding. Love the kind souls…

      1. I didn’t get into it as much on this post as on the original one, but this was actually a vehicle-on-vehicle accident. Mose was being driven by his work driver, who also lost his life.

    2. Lovins loss of husband

      Prayer and a hug I feel your pain as I shared the same. My deepest sympathy.

    3. So very sorry for the loss of your husband

      I am so very sorry to hear about the untimely passing of your dear husband.May you have peace that he is not suffering and that you are so blessed to have a part of him in your sweet children.We never know how things will end. Prayers to you and your family for peace and strength,Sincerely Amy